Wednesday, 24 September 2014




Everyone who is at university will recognise the day one wakes up knowing one has to shift into work-gear, fast. This may or may not coincide with the first day of term, or an email from your thesis supervisor - for *super organised* me, it's a bit before then, but not enough to stifle my inner fun pony. Hence vaulting fences and bouts of intense yoga - because fun is always most fun when it involves some kind of physical release after sitting down all afternoon long.

Glasses, Specsavers
Sailor coat, Topshop
Jumper and silk shirt, thrifted
Tweed trousers, Boden (similar)
Bag, vintage Dooney & Bourke
Adrian loafers, Dr Martens

Monday, 22 September 2014

Scotland Decides (so you don't have to)

Dunnottar Castle

As with Glencoe, writing about Dunnottar Castle feels arduous. The boulders of passionate longing for that overcast August afternoon landslide down to block the rivers of silvery prose about this place I hoped to deluge you with . Or maybe it's that distracting buzz from the Referendum thought-bees, 'no' in one ear and 'yes' in t'other, bzz bzz. Never fear, you've still got the photos to look at. If there's one thing you realise at Dunnottar (and many of Scotland's more remote locations), it's how lucky you are to simply be able to get around on your own two feet; the castle is on a clifftop with a steep ascent, sadly inaccessible for disabled visitors (although the distance-view is almost enough). If you are driving out from Edinburgh and choose one castle to go to, make it this one.

Wax jacket, Barbour (similar)
Shirt and Breton striped top, thrifted
Skirt, vintage Cacharel
Wellies, Hunter c/o Cloggs