Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Queen of the Asylum

I will swallow,
If it will help my sea level go down.
I'll take a deep,deep breath,
And I'll come back to haunt you if I drown.

For ages I've kept her my little secret. A special thing only I know about and admire. But today, I think it's time the world found out about Emilie Autumn.

A violin-playing virtuoso obsessed with all things Victorian-industrial. That's where her own genre of music - Victoriandustrial - comes from. She created it herself, and I think that's really awesome since you can't really describe her stuff, you just have to hear for yourself.

I first heard of Emilie when I accidentally downloaded one of her songs - 'What If'. I thought it was really quirky and loved how the lyrics flowed. So I started unraveling more and more about her; pretty soon, I was in luurve.

I've wanted to see her for ages but, having missed her last gig in London, I thought she wouldn't come back for a while. But it turned out I still can - there's a gig at Carling Academy Islington on the 19th of this month, with a private party/ signing afterwards! So am hopefully going to this one *grins*

Oooh, et while we're on the topic of music: check out an artist called Thea Gilmore. Y'know how sometimes there are bands/artists that you just like every one of their songs? Well, I'm pretty much like that with Thea. I managed to get petite soeur into her as well, who is now more obsessed than I am. I'm actually starting to notice just how much influence I have over her. She actually asks me if what she wears looks good or not, and says that when she goes to secondary school (in September!) she wants her style to be just like mine. Aww!

I went shopping with my mum again yesterday, we didn't really get past anywhere but Debenhams and came back with zero to nothing - she wasn't in a very good mood. On a more positive note, I did pick up quite a few handy freebies - a mini-mag entitled ' the 10 best workouts ever!' which I was so in need of, more compliments about my bag, and, to mum's great distress - 'you already have too many magazines!' - the Debenhams 'Desire' mag. Well, even if I don't read it - I can't bear to part with my Vogues and ELLEs and Bazaars so it will come in handy when I come to making another mag bag.

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  1. selina from flying saucer here :)
    your comment made me feel bad! i already feel guilty that people are paying lots more for something that i've bought for cheaper. i only plan on selling these dresses over the summer, then i'm going to tell people the shop on my blog and they can buy from there. so don't be sad, hold out and soon you'll be able to pick one up for probably less than it will sell for on ebay! i have to pay £25 for them each anyway so the profit margins aren't the greatest. email me when you get this comment so i know you've seen it!


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