Thursday, 31 July 2008


My main, and perhaps only fashion rule has always been thou shalt not copy. Or, rather, thou shalt be unique. It drives me up the wall seeing people looking like clones of one another. Really, is it so hard to explore yourself a bit more? All of this was running through my head for the umpteenth time as I was answering a question on Yahoo Answers: "How do you become a trend setter and not a trend follower?"

My answer was this:

You have to have self-confidence to do that. Wearing something different to everyone can be quite a challenge. Plus, if you want to make something 'in style', you need to really flaunt it and wear it often. Buy an outrageous (or maybe just a quirky) vintage dress and watch people gape in amazement at how gorgeous you look in it. Actually, it can be anything, as long as you feel great in it. If you want to find your own style, close your eyes to what people around you wear; yes, it's tempting to be mainstream but if you dare to be different, people will eventually admire you for it. Read magazines. Browse fashion blogs. Save pictures, then make moodboards. Look at high street lookbooks so that you know what will be in fashion before anyone else does :) In short, surround yourself with inspiration.

I really like this question, more people should be like you and stop squeezing themselves into Uggs and jeans. Why not aquire airy dresses instead? Style is made to be explored, to battered down.

By no means this answer is perfect; there is simply so much I could add to it, but that's just the essence really. And no, I'm not obsessed with dresses, it was just the first opposite of boring that popped into my head. I absolutely hate fitting in. What is the harm in being slightly more daring?


This picture very accurately depicts my mood for the last couple of days:

Getting up at 5:30 am for skating camp would be fine if I got enough sleep, but for some reason my body went against me. I normally have no problems but this week I just could not get to sleep early. It's a miracle I could drag myself out of bed this morning. Thankfully, some breakfast and music usually helps, let alone exercise. Overall, the camp wasn't bad and I managed to accomplish a couple of axels and double flips, and a lush camel (even if I say so myself) which, unlike the other two, everyone saw. Although it was only three sessions altogether, I was super tired when I got home and spent the rest of the day lazing (I did do some textiles homework and juggling, not to mention chores). I am soooo unfit.

I got a nice surprise on Monday (before camp) when my friend Rachel called and suggested we went for a shop up town. The weather was wonderful; despite what I said before about Milton Keynes people not bothering with interesting clothes I admit that summer has awakened a woman in many a girl and, oh joy - lots of people were wearing dresses. We explored a little and went into random shops like Whittard, Hotel Chocolat (50% of women said they prefer chocolate over sex, apparently) and a newly-opened Bravissimo. For those not in the know, Bravissimo is a bra shop for big-bosomed women, their aim sort of being to make women proud of their basoomas. I might get fitted in there because they seem very friendly; and the shop is funny because they have boards with women and their age/occupation and you have to guess what bra size they are. Then you turn over the board (much like at a kid's museum) to reveal the woman in her undies and her bra size. We only guessed one right!

I eyed up a gorgeous backpack with fairies in Paperchase, but I decided to come back for it with my mum. We were really pressed for time and H&M had a clearance sale, so we shuffled through clothes like mad trying to find something before going back. In the end I found a little shirt/dress which I really liked for just £3!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

A Wicked Time

Last week has been so funny and carefree, I almost miss school now! On Monday, we made a hilariously random video which started off as a fairytale award ceremony but ended up being a random mix of spoofs and outtakes. We edited it on Tuesday and I must say, I saw Movie Maker in a different light! The program is criticized no end but actually, it isn't all that bad. We had such a laugh trying to figure out which clips were the real thing, and which were outtakes, they were all so funny!
The icing on the cake was, however, our trip to London on the last day. It was really exciting as I was going to see Wicked for the second time. We ate at Planet Hollywood first, and I didn't really like it. Most people probably enjoyed their food but being the healthy eater that I am, it didn't suit me. (Perhaps I am so used to my mum's delicious, near-perfectly healthy home recipes that I don't know any other food.) However, I must say their toilets are very nice!

My hair is still nice in the photos because I just unpinned my curls when I took them. I ran out of mousse a long time ago so I simply had to pray it wasn't going to be windy, or else they would all fall out. When we got out it was a bit breezy so I held them in my hands, much to the amusement of the others. As we walked back to the tube station I noticed that, in London, far more people make an effort to dress nicely, and not just shove on any old pair of jeans like I witness here in Milton Keynes. Obviously London is much bigger than MK but anyone can make an effort! One thing is for sure: Londoners are much more up-to-date with fashion - I didn't see a single pair of Uggs! (I hope you get the joke.) As for me, I thought the theme of green and black would befit the day, so I wore the life-saving LBD, bottle green tights and a massive sequined belt I got off freecycle.

Wicked, for the second time, left my mouth speechless and my hands hurting. Alexia Khadime (ex-Nala in the Lion King) did a good job as Elphaba; Kerry and Idina are still my favourite but I loved her 'No Good Deed'. Actually, the whole cast was very together, and they've only been performing for about a month! And Oliver Thompsett was tres handsome (as usual). The only thing that ruined it all were our seats; everyone paid £60 for their ticket and obviously expected us to sit in the stalls, but we ended up sitting in the upper circle! When I asked my teacher she said, oh they're still £60 tickets, they're very good seats. I was extremely disappointed when we ended up sitting so high up that the stage looked tiny. It would be fine with me if I got told that straight away, and to make matters worse someone handed me a long chain of tickets and I discovered that each was £15! It was very humiliating and I didn't understand how they could just waste our money like that, but as soon as the show started I forgot all about it. The West End always mesmerises me,no matter where I sit. I know how good it feels to be on stage and that the feeling is probably tripled when you are on the west end stage. That is why I aspire to be there someday.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Suddenly Sailor

I use my mum's eBay account now and again and I was curious when I noticed that she bought a 'Vintage Sailor Style Dress'! I didn't look at the picture just in case she wanted it to be a surprise for me; it was very tempting but I do like surprises.

I'm still not sure whether I like it; somehow it is quite formal and a bit wide at the shoulders. On the other hand, the material is nice and I like the little gold buttons with the anchors on them! Still not sure as to how or where to wear it, any ideas?

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Folk Dreams

Oh, how I love the upcoming folk trend. Seriously, wool patterned dresses paired with delightful ribbed tights, and the witchlike Luella look totally blew me away! I must confess - I am in luuurve. There's something amazingly whimsical about folk, it's like a trend with a story. I've always been fascinated by Russian/Norse/Celtic/younameit folklore - like the looks on the catwalk, there's something pure, undiscovered, almost mysterious about it. I have yet to find my autumn folk wardrobe, but here's an early attempt just to amuse you:

It's not that folk apart from the belt (20p from a car boot sale!) and the embroidery on my top, but it did get commented on and I like it! Plus, I figured a way of plaiting my hair nicely - finally something to do with my uber-long hair! It's that braided updo that I saw in a number of different places recently. (SCUSETHEPJS.)

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Colour me Purple

On Saturday mum and I went for a trip to T.K.Maxx. No matter how many people hate that shop, I will never get sick of it. They stock very nice (even if expensive) clothes and some are exlusives that you could only normally buy in America. I am always a little bewildered by people who say that they dislike T.K.Maxx because it looks like a jumble sale. Fashion is not about coming into a shop, immediately seeing something that you like and buying it. It gives far better satisfaction if you search for ages for that perfect something, and finally find it. It all adds to the interest of shopping. I have absolutely no problem in digging in piles of clothes to find things that I like!

There wasn't much at T.K.Maxx but next door at Next Clearance, I spotted a really nice purple coat! It was originally £70 but was reduced to £30, which I think is a really good price for a decent coat! It really is perfect. I love the little skirt at the bottom, it adds an air of la Fille Anglaise to it. Plus, purple coats will be big this Autumn (check out the H&M A/W lookbook, for instance), so it scores double points! It looks so classy teamed with white tights and black Mary Janes.

(sorry again about the photos being bad quality + yellow. the coat is actually a rich purple but the lighting was baad.)

Underneath I wore my Mina-esque tunic from the Clothes Show Live, and my wool strapless dress as a high-waisted skirt with my new braces. It looks so different from when I am wearing the coat, it's like two outfits in one!

The Marviest day of my life

(so far.)

Sorry I haven't posted this before, this week has been yet another hectic week for me. I'm planning to redeem myself, though, because there's lots of things I will post about today.

I wanted to look ultra marvy for the Stiff Dylans but at the same time not look like I've tried too hard. I bought the black braces straight after school, and I really like them, even though I read somewhere they look better on flat-chested girls.

I only had about 20 minutes to curl my hair (I do it using the twirl and pin method - no nasty heated stuff), grab my bag and dash out of the house because we were so late for the train! It was funny actually because when I'm in a rush I just grab random things. Monce did my make up on the train because Im hopeless at it. She did my eyes really nicely with this lovely smoky eyeshadow; I was like, 'I need to learn this!'. My hair looked OK but the moment we got out it started raining, and it was completely ruined.

It turned out that the screening was at this place which looked a bit like a hotel. We went downstairs to a bar area which had nibbles and (thankfully) mirrors. We had a bit of a breather because nobody was there yet apart from the barman. I was desperately trying to fix my lego belt which I made a-la-Marc Jacobs, so I was very grateful when the bar guy found some cellotape for me to use. Then Paula from Columbia Records (who had really cool hair) came in and said hi, and told us that two of the band couldn't make it because a tree dropped in front of the train they were in so they were forced to go back! Thankfully the others did get there, and it was awesome meeting them! James (the lead singer) and Tom (the drummer) were very laid-back and chatty, and I felt really at ease talking to them. They weren't stuck-up in the slightest which is always a sign of decency in celebrities. We talked a little about their band and took a group photo, then it was time for Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging!

I just know I will ramble on too much about this, but the film really was fantastic. At first, I was a little unsure of how it will work out, with so many lines taken out of the books that are great on paper but were never said out loud before. However, I soon relaxed because the actors were doing a really good job! Georgia Groome is great as, er, Georgia, and I liked the girl that played Wet Lindsay too. Actually,the whole cast was good - it is rare to see a film based on a book and not wince once because some characters are totally not how you imagined them. There were just countless great little moments in it, including a hilarious scene where the Ace Gang sneak off to get free snogging lessons with this creepy boy called Peter Dyer. Which brings us to the next bit - there really is a lot of snogging in this film! I won't reveal too much because it is really a must-see movie. I watched all the hot guys on the screen and, for the umpteenth time in my life, I longed to be in love. The whole film just zoomed past me, this surprisingly realistic blur of teenage life. It reminded me of how great my own life is, and how there are just so many little details that we don't notice and rush forward like crazy. Life is too good to miss, and Monday sure proved it.

After the film we were all buzzing. I'm sure the others were thinking exactly the same as me. Tom and James were really nice and talked about how they made the film and asked if we enjoyed it. We took some more photos with them (this time, individual ones) before leaving. I grinned like crazy in all of them because I was elated.

We couldn't stop talking all the way back because there was just so much to discuss. We went crazy on the train and fell into memories of middle school and guys and whatnot. I felt quite sorry for the people around us because we were so loud! On the way back, I smiled at this very cute guy and he sent me a gorgeous smile back (:
Don't we look happy? Those smiles are all genuine. I think we all fell a tiny bit in love with the Stiff Dylans and who cares if we acted like loons? It was worth it!

Monday, 7 July 2008


Yesterday, my friend and I discovered, in true shock, that we had absolutely nothing to wear to see the Stiff Dylans. My two pairs of shorts had broken zips, I had two skirts and some kinda boring Armani jeans. And...a bit more dresses. I'm much more of a dresses and skirts person; I hardly ever wear jeans and when I do, I feel boring. We were going to go to a car boot because there are seriously nice clothes you can pick up for 20/50p, but it rained and they all got cancelled. I thought of charity shops but they were all shut on a Sunday; in the end we went to T.K.Maxx and Next Clearance and Matalan. Matalan is a bit boring at the moment because I haven't seen anything that I liked from their online lookbook actually on sale instore. I guess they're good for basics.
In Next, I picked up some nice burgundy shorts for £1.50 and black skinny jeans. We were just about to go out when I spotted the most adorable pair of boxers, printed with tiny little pink and purple owls! Being a sucker for owls, I decided to buy them for Sonia. Speaking of which, she still hasn't got a clue what's coming up today! I can't wait to see her face! She's just read the books and very excited about the film.
It's raining outside now. I really like rainy days beause they're an excuse to dress up in cute polonecks and berets and my wool dresses. And because rain is pretty (sometimes). I will have the Stiff Dylans' song stuck in my head already; it's a really catchy tune with a good vibe, I think they have all the potential to become the next McFly! Better, actually.

I can't wait until later, I will tell you guys tomorrow about the film and how it all went!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Dress me up

My new vintage dress arrived today. It's pretty awesome, actually, but I'm still pondering how much I will wear it.

To sailor or not to sailor?

Bloggers everywhere must have, at some point this summer, blogged about the recent nautical craze. Personally, I'm really into all the sailor stuff but still on the lookout for that perfect nautical dress. Luck struck when Selina of Flying Saucer posted a gorgeous one in her eBay shop, so all that's left now is to save up and (maybe) get bidding! It's identical to the one Elinkan (possibly my favourite blogger) wore recently but in white; I'll really have to think 100 times since it's already got god knows how many bids, so a cheaper version may have to do.

I did, however, pick out a lovely vintage dress with an adorable pan collar at a boot sale for 20p! It's hard to tell in the photos but it's red and white pinstripe. I was thinking of savagely chopping off the top and making it into a strapless but don't know where to start, any ideas?

Also, apologies for not blogging for months (two, actually). I just saw no point in dreary posts without pictures, I believe that a blog must be fun to look at, not just fun to read! My old camera still in a coma, I did get hold of a bluetooth dongle for my phone via Freecycle (more on that later if you're interested on getting free hair straighteners, DVD players and clothes). So now, crap quality they are but there will now be photos! Yippie-yah, as my David&Goliath tee says.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Double Cool with knobs!

With today's coursework deadline looming, it's been a hectic week for me. So today I nearly got the shock of my life when I got a phone call in class (luckily it was v.noisy and everyone was on their feet sorting out displays so my teacher didn't notice) from Columbia Records, saying I'd won the most fabbo trip ever! This Monday I get to hang out with the Stiff Dylans and afterwards go to an advanced screening of Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging! How marvy is that? Life is fab fab fabbity fab fab. And I get to bring six mates with me too! I felt very lucky as I never win anything and this is such a fantastic opportunity, but it's is a well-earned treat from life being really tough recently.
Still, lalalala.

My Mutti is telling me to go to bed now, so fabby outfit posts will have to wait til' tomorrow.

Stay tuned!