Sunday, 31 August 2008

The first leaves...

Autumn will be here in less than 2 hours. It has been a good summer but I'd have liked to do a lot more than I have. Mixed feelings for autumn, but I'll take it as it comes and try my best.

I promise.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Then you go downtown...

I trampled around town looking like this today:

(add dark drainpipes and plimsoles)

Went to Claire's to return the third pair of broken hairsticks. They should consider making them in stone, maybe that's the only thing that won't snap like a twig the minute you try to put it in your hair. And the girl at the counter was like 'how it it break, it's completely solid?' and looked at me as though I was an idiot. Psh.

Other than that, quite an uneventful trip. I randomly popped into River Island and gaped for years at all the new autumn/winter clothes and felt a bit sad that I couldn't afford some really nice things in there. It happens to me occasionally - I have this stupid feeling of being sorry for myself and being skint and it's so ridiculous. People out there have nothing to sleep on or eat, they curl up on whatever they can find for the night and pray to God that tomorrow will be different. But they know that it won't. They wake up, break their back to earn 4 pence to buy a couple of slices of bread,then home, if they are lucky to have one, and share it between their family. Then off to bed, and that's every day. No life, no education. Let alone all of those nice clothes that I have that they may be making for me. I say all of this to myself and it stops it, but sometimes I forget!

I did see a girl in there with a really cute dress on! I had my camera with me so I came up to her and asked if she didn't mind having her photo taken, and she agreed. Her photo is also going to Nylon!

Meanwhile, I still long for a baggy vest, a la classy Japanese girl:

River Island call them 'knitted waistcoats', and Red magazine settled for 'sleeveless cardigan', so there will be a fair bit of refreshing an eBay search page! It will be the plaid/check/tartan/gingham/checkered story all over again. And 'tarten'. Why do people put 'tarten'?!

Yeah, thought I might start a new blogging trend ^^

Tut, tut, tut.

We went to see this Tutankhamun exhibition at the O2 arena on Monday. We bought the ticket last minute off eBay and we almost didn't get in, because it wouldn't scan through. We had to wait for ages for the ticket manager to sort it out, it was so embarrassing! As one family from the queue passed us this man turned around and whispered 'good luck'. We sure needed it, I was amazed we actually got in in the end! We were all so startled/panicky because we buy tickets online a lot and it has never caused a problem before.

It was quite interesting when we did see it, especially looking at all the statues and miniatures and thinking how on earth they survived that long. In fact, some looked almost new. I don't know whether this is due to the restorations but still, it sent chills down my spine thinking how old everything was...
On the way there, we saw many a shop that I longed to go into. Unfortunately, mum wasn't in the best of moods so shopping was banned for the day. I was a bit of a disappointment because we literally drove all the way to London, saw the exhibition, then drove straight back, and I was a bit annoyed that we didn't spend more time there. I guess my my mum tried her best to find us something interesting to do whilst we are stuck without being able to go on holiday for yet the second summer, but I wished it would last! I could understand her though because she had a v. bad headache, and with a headache you lose interest in anything that can't cure it. Fact.

Looking at the above shop made me so sad! Perhaps it used to be a really cool little boutique, but now it's all run down and horrible. I also took sneaky photos of some stylish people I saw. They are not the best I'm afraid, mainly because I took them from a moving car and there were only a few people I could 'catch' before they slipped out of view! The last one is mainly for aww and handbag purposes.

Taming Tartan

It sure is hard with this red skirt. It fits well, it's in season but if only it was blue. Right now it just reminds me of a fancy dress party, I feel so tacky wearing it and have no idea how to work around that! I came up with this though, and it's much more wearable as a top! You can see the pretty black lace lining when it's worn this way, which is a big plus.

I feel obliged to point out the Primark little black dress worn underneath. I bought it from one of those sellers on eBay that sell Primark stuff at bigger prices than Primark, but I didn't know that then - oops! I just knew I would wear it to pieces - and I was right. I wear it far too often but it's just impossible to resist!

Oh, and I also pulled the zip off my new strapless dress. Sometimes I want to kill myself...

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Home Sweet Home.

I know, I know. I've been away for what seems like an eternity. Last week, I went to a skating camp at the Skydome Ice Arena in Coventry. Funnily enough, I survived! I'm lazy by nature so I thought I would die with so much exercise every day, but actually it was such a laugh! Some of the things we had to do were tricky but not impossible, and I felt a good kind of tired at the end of each day.

(In-motion photo, I think I was going into an axel. It's one of those coming-of-age jumps which some people get instantly and others, like me, don't get after years. I used to do it so easily but alas, it's gone walkabouts. It is frustrating but when I get there it will feel as if I've climbed Mt. Everest!)

It was all very routine. Get up at 4.45, ice at 6.15, then off-ice, then ice, then ballet, then ice again...At lunch we went to the local fitness centre/gym called Esporta. We ate there, then had two workout sessions. It was lots in one day but we had plenty of rest in between; we ate loads because we would just burn it off in the next session. It felt so good to be a pig! There was also this amazing comfy sofa where I crashed out after lunch. Some fitness sessions were also quite good - I especially liked the treadmills and learning some nice breakdance moves from Ryan. It turned out he got to the final of Britain's Got Talent last year with his group, the Kombat Breakers! He was quite a cool bean, I must say.

On Tuesday we went into town to see what Coventry had on offer. There's pretty much everything that's in MK, apart from the most fabby: a three-storey Primark! I haven't been in one in ages so all classiness was forgotten as I went 'aaaaaaaahhhh, Primark' and glided in. It also meant a chance to see the new autumn collection in person. Which was quite a disappointment - the brown checked dress with the tulip skirt from this post looks really weird, the skirt just hangs down limply with no sign of the bubble shape in the photo. I didn't see the blue tartan one and the gingham shirtdresses were all a cheap synthetic material, not very attractive. I hate it when I'm pressed for time in shops because I like to look at everything properly, and this time I had to run around like a maniac trying to find bargains. In the end I decided to be nice and bought my sister a top and a new schoolbag, and rather cute gingham hairbows and a brown crossbody bag for myself. I have been looking for one of those forever, it was roomy and looks a bit like something I saw at London Fashion Week, but I can't remember which collection. So it scored triple points!
On Friday I pretty much crashed out because I hadn't had enough sleep the whole week and it pretty much built up on me; I slept until about 11 the next morning (super late for me)!

So I hope all of this excuses me from not blogging lately. Now, back to normal.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

20p to strapless squee.

It's raining outside, but I'm happy because I almost finished my dress. I already said I wanted to convert it to a strapless, and now I finally did it! The red+white candy stripes make it look pink from a distance, ahh. I figured I could wear it with a T-shirt underneath, and red shoes. (The glasses used to be my dad's, and I made the lego bracelet. )

Rain smells nice.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My Little Pony

Today I almost finished my strapless dress, hopefully tomorrow I will post some photos.
I'm feeling sleepy now, just like the pony. Sweet dreams!

I don't know

The obvious choice with this shirt is leggings, but I wear them with everything and I need to find other ways of wearing long tops! This skirt underneath was OK, but I'm still not satisfied. Check out Mario, though!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Alice Isn't Dead

I think I have a mild obsession with everything Alice right now. It has been my biggest inspiration lately. There's something so quirky about that book that has always enticed me; grudgingly, I have to admit that Topshop's wonderland collection is rather great. (Even though I'm not convinced I will buy anything from it - the thing is with Topshop (the same as Primark or any high street store) is that you buy something from there and risk running into someone wearing what you've just bought the next minute. I don't mind a few pieces from there but I definitely don't understand girls that go and buy their whole wardrobe there every season!)
Anyway, I think these shorts have a sort of Alice feel to them - and they are just so versatile! I'm afraid I shall wear them to pieces this autumn.

Old outfit, but I like it:

Friday, 8 August 2008

Camera Curly

Good news : I have revived my camera! I spent hours searching the house for my rechargeable batteries (which I thought were long gone), then my mum went and found them in 5 minutes! She officially rocks!

I curled my hair today, using this method. I am a little traditional when it comes to hair, I prefer doing everything natural. I've never used heat on my hair - perhaps that's why it's in such good condition!

Friday, 1 August 2008

The High Street Prepares

Yesterday I have spent some time viewing high street Autumn/Winter collections. I'm registered on a site which provides all of their model shots and separate images of clothes - it's really useful! Most of them launch at the end of August, and a few Primark pieces will be on sale in early October.

French Connection surprised me pleasantly with the gingham Luella knockoff, but other than that it's a tad on the boring side. The metallic shift with the diamonds is interesting, and I like the colour of the strapless one on the left.

New Look have embraced funky tights - for which I applaud them. The teal/greenish dress works surprisingly well with the purple print tights, I have tonnes of tights so I'm going to experiment! Also the pattern clash of the tartan mini with the stripy tights is great, although I personally feel like I'm at a schoolgirl-themed fancy dress party when I'm wearing mine.

I saw an identical version of the Primark tiered blue tartan dress in T.K. Maxx a few weeks ago; I'm planning to come back for it when they have their massive sale. Oh, and how cute is that fascinator? I was about to bid on a black and red tartan one on eBay today, but mum said we have a feather one - she could have mentioned that sooner!

The amount of checks/ginghams/tartans in unsurprising, following the Luella runway - as I said above I love the French Connection one, and high-waisted skirt would look good with grey ribbed tights. Thankfully, some shops have also embraced folk, as I'll show you tomorrow. Autumn is gonna be classy.