Monday, 29 September 2008

Just another manic Monday...

A quickie post today. As you have probably gathered I broke my amazing camera. It lost its balance when I put it on self-timer to take some photos for the blog, and now when I turn it on it is zoomed halfway in and I can't zoom out. It's horrible without it, honestly. The photos below are rubbish, my skirt is actually navy?? We also went to Warwick university on Thursay, but more on that later.
Cardigan, Next
T-Shirt, T.K.Maxx
Skirt, thrifted vintage
Keds, Jaeger

Sunday, 28 September 2008

In Awe of the World.

I walked so much today, my feet are killing me. (Being an optimist, I start with the positive.) Skated in the morning, then home ,then got a nice invitation to hang out with the girls in the city. I've been feeling soo left out recently, with everyone going to parties and get-togethers and having fun and nobody thinking of inviting me, so it was really nice for a change. We talked loads and had a massive catch-up, whilst ogling at fit guys in the Apple shop. (That's another rant, which I'll save for later.) We popped into H&M and they do the nicest folksy scarves, alas a bit expensive. I searched for the lace leggings that have been recently hitting the blogosphere, but couldn't find them; maybe they haven't found their way into MK yet. However, I snapped up some fabbo trousers for £3! They're a drop-crotch style (how sexy that sounds...) which means bagginess at the top, and then they are like skinny jeans at the bottom, with zips at the ankles. They are this kind of cute, japanese street-style masculine that I can't resist, I have actually wanted a pair like that for a long, long time.

After discovering that there was no bus to where I live, I had to trample all the way back to my house, and thus my feet were about to fall off by the time I got there. Still, it was a great day and I wish to have more like that! I love a good old natter and try my best to be absolutely lovely to people, and yet nobody actually appreciates it. Bahh.

Not what I actually wore, but darn it, those shorts are addictive! Apologies in advance if you are already sick of them.

Fretting over Falke

I can't believe it. A few days back, mum and I were conversing tights and I casually brought up Falke. Just as I finished exclaiming how I am forever lusting over their gorgeous but alas, budget-bursting legwear mum went,'hang on a minute, I'm sure I have a pair!'. Naturally, I was gobsmacked. Yesterday her Motherness presented me with the cream, patterned, snuggly lovelies, a big smile on her face. I asked where on earth she got them and I was even more gobsmacked when she sweetly replied, 'Ages ago, T.K.Maxx sale. And they were £1'. Curtain.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

I once held a Lula...

Finally I got to hold a Lula magazine in my own hands! I decided to try my luck at Borders after skating today, and there they were, not just one, but loads of them! I couldn't buy it as I feared my mum being angry for me for spending £6 on a magazine, but actually I think it's quite reasonable for one three times as thick as a Grazia. The pictures are amazing, and I loved the fact that it is mainly just pictures, no stupid ads or those countless pages of random services like Tarot or male prostitutes (!) that you find in Marie Claire or Vogue. Just plain eye candy. I feel quite proud that I can just cross the road from my house and grab a Lula.

Ohhh, and I am now a member of The Fashion Spot Forums! How exciting is that? I applied through their waiting list and they sent me a confirmation e-mail, yippee! This blog will be shamelessly plugged and displayed in my signature.

Skating not bad either, landed loads of double toes which made me very chuffed as I never land anything! And Inna (the new coach) took me back to basics because apparently if I don't know how to do them, then I won't be able to skate. Pah.

Cardigan, freecycled
Dress, vintage
Saddle bag, Primark

Friday, 19 September 2008

So Lovely was the Loneliness...

What a gorgeous day! I say that despite having the most terrible hair trauma this morning. Last night I thought I'd be adventurous and wow everyone with a super curly 'do'. I moussed up my hair and put in some rollers, dreaming of how lovely my hair will look in the morning. But ohhhhh no! The second I tried unrolling them from my head, they got stuck. It took me about half an hour to free/untangle my poor hair from the evil rollers, but a few stubborn ones were holding on to my hair for dear life! I had no choice, I had to go into school with rollers stuck in my hair. It was absolutely chaotic/hilarious, with everyone having a go at undoing them from me, then shaking their heads sadly. Even a teacher tried taking one out! In the end I managed to convince the rollers that there were no benefits of being tangled in my hair, and they surrendered. Surprisingly, my hair was somehow still quite curly...(Somebody actually asked me: how do you get those lovely curls?!!) Alas, I will steer well clear of those evil curlers forevermore. It'll be back to my mum's nice smooth ones if she lets me.
I'm listening to this song by Antony and the Johnsons that makes me think of trees. It's nice.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Flower nights, drifting away...

Having flowers all over my legs is oddly satisfying.

Jumper, Freecycled TSE (!)
Dress, Primark
Tights, car boot
Pumps, Accessorize

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Down to the Nitty Gritty

Aack, it's been a while since I last posted! GCSE year is madness. I have to sort out a lot of coursework at the moment, so blogging has been pushed aside. It may end up being weekend posts for the whole week(what do you think?), it will depend on how busy I am. Being a perfectionist doesn't help.

Top, Mango
Shorts, Japan
Bow clip, Primark

Saturday, 13 September 2008

If you stay with me girl, we can rule the world.

There is a certain attraction between turquoise and red. My brain was in exploration mode so it told me to try it.

Such a mixed feelings day. Goodness, my eyes will run out of tears at this rate! Although, whatever happens, I will always be smiling. It's just my nature!

Scarf, gift
Dress, Influence
Tights, thrifted Topshop
Belt, vintage
Shoes, T.K.Maxx

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Rebellious Spirit

Discovered an amazing blog yesterday. It's called Thumbelina. Apart from cute style this girl also has some of the most beautiful photos I've seen. Be sure to check them out, and tell me if you, like me, thought they were just too good to be real!

So, a bit of influence from the darling Thumbelina, I wanted to wear tartan today. I had a bit of a dig and I found this vintage french skirt which mum was threatening to throw out! It didn't fasten at the top because of,er, my basoomas, but I quite liked how it was all pointy at the top so it didn't matter. People did question me if it was a skirt, but obviously it was a 'dress' and 'it was meant to be like that'. After which, some replied 'ahhh, cool, I like it!'.

(I was on the phone to my friend in the pictures ^_^)

Something rather upsetting and odd happened today though. There are very strange happenings at the ice rink right now, and I just have less and less motivation to skate.

T-shirt, Lazy Oaf

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Will you assist me?

Bit of a drizzly day, but I don't mind the rain. It is very soothing ,especially when you have just had a bath and crawl into bed to read a book before going to sleep. I felt awfully lucky when I switched on the news (as you do) and saw how some people were suffering from the floods. They weren't admiring the rain at all!
T-shirt, Lazy Oaf
Dress, customised vintage
Cardigan, Next
Tights, vintage,
Maryjanes, Next

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Back to Folk

Every lesson I went to this week seemed to be a lecture about GCSEs. I think they are very important and the rest of my life does pretty much depend on them, but my head is ringing all the same! Aside from that, today was not bad. We all got our results for science GCSE and I got an A* overall, which made me sigh with relief because I thought I seriously messed it up! The downside? Our Maths results are tomorrow. I think I will catch the flu for tomorrow.

This amazing Pink Soda lace petticoat thing is unbelievable. It will go under, it will go over, it will go in between. It's totally divine. (And just guess how much it was.)

Vest, Peacocks
Paisley dress, Israel
Lace Slip, T.K.Maxx
Grey fishnets, Debenhams
Poetic Licence shoes, T.K.Maxx
Belt, Vintage

Oh, almost forgot. I landed a double flip today and my coach saw. What more, she shouted really loudly so everyone could hear 'WELL DONE Dina. Dina just did double!'. And I was just so happy. So happy I was.