Monday, 20 October 2008

Get ready to Jump

Bloggers everywhere have been piling on the rompers/jumpsuits/ it's my turn. While everyone is acutely aware that anything you buy in Primark has been bought by thousands of people before you, I passed the fact in blissful ignorance as impulse-buy mood kicked in. I mean, it was a jumpsuit, it was cute, and it was £4. I allowed myself to buy it and actually, I've bean quite lucky - I haven't seen anyone else in one yet! Even the fact that nautical isn't exactly a winter trend doesn't faze me; it will come back sooner or later, and plus I always stretch clothes over seasons, just because everyone has stopped wearing it doesn't stop it from being a nice item of clothing! The catwalk is nice but having a bit of own style doesn't hurt.. And currently, I don't tend to buy things that aren't in a sale (but that's another rant).

Photos will be back to mediocre quality because my sister got a new phone for her Bat-Mitzvah and the camera is 3 megapixels..
Hairbow, Primark
Jumpsuit, Primark
Black top, Primark
Tights, vintage

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Not a ballerina.

I really feel like watching a motivating dance film like Step Up, Make It Happen, or Save the last Dance. In short, films that somehow get me to get up and bop around my room like crazy, then feel absolutely awesome. Oh, and how could I forget Heavenly Bodies? That film is actually amazing, go Youtube it now if you haven't seen it!

Yes, that's Mario perched on my top. A certain boy in my PE class got very jealous of him and kept pestering me to make one. The striped dress that I turned into a strapless was very tight on my boobs so I've decided to reincarnate it in the form of a skirt.

Scarf, gift from Russia
Top, primark
Skirt, altered vintage
Tights, vintage

Friday, 10 October 2008

Univerty, Univertisy, Uni...what?

Went to Warwick University today with the school. To be honest, if I hadn't visited Cambridge this summer (which I still need to post about), it would have appealed to me much more. It's very modern; lots and lots of white walls,posters and asian girls. Not being racist, it's actually quite nice because they all have lovely style! We had a lecture and then a tour around the campus, which, with 20,000 students, looked more like a small town! What fascinated me the most was the fact that they had their own religious centres so most people could practice their faith at uni, like a mosque, synagogue and a church. Oh, and student societies and being able to create one of my own. It was interesting overall but I am still absolutely dumbfounded by the beauty of Oxford and Cambridge, and the life there seems to be absolutely amazing. I mean just look at this:

(photos by Sean McHugh)

I can actually say that the photos do not lie. I have been to some of those places; it's stunning. I think once you have been there you wouldn't want to study anywhere else, but it does depend largely on what you want to do. I know what I would like my future job to be, but still having doubts about whether those universities are right for it. It is starting to get all too confusing!

Back on earth,
I thought that Warwick would be packed full of fit guys, so I picked a better outfit/ did my hair, but actually, there were only a few.
V-neck jumper, freecycled Zara
Shorts, Japan
Tights, vintage
Shoes, vintage Gabor

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Happenings, happenings...

So little time and so much to talk about! Lots of news, good and bad, and I just don't know where to start. First, as you have probably noticed, my camera is not working again, which is entirely my fault for dropping it whilst taking a self-timer photo. Now the zoom is stuck about halfway and I cannot zoom out, no matter what I do! Behold, from now on, dismally grainy phone snaps. Although my little sister is getting a new phone with a 3.2mp camera, so I'll see where that takes me.

Secondly, this Monday was my first skating competition at another rink! I skated first out of the whole competition, and it was actually nowhere near as nerve-wracking as it seemed beforehand. Sure, I was nervous but it was mainly adrenaline and excitement, and once I went out there it was over so quickly! Here are some (terribly flattering) photos of the experience:

I had a good skate but messed up on my best spin, consequently coming 6th out of 14. My coach said that it was very good, and I bet that if I had skated a clean program I would have placed a little higher. But I was so pleased that it didn't matter anyway - my success is partly due to an amazing book I found in my school library last year, called "The Pursuit of Excellence". It does sound silly that a book can make all the difference with performance, but it's amazing how much crucial information that I really needed was in there. It is mainly about mental preparation and techniques that you can use to achieve,well, anything! I strongly recommend getting this book as it really is a gem.

After competing I just had to pop into the three-storey Primark that I had so little time to explore the last time I was at Coventry. I would have bought soo much but even at Primark I stayed a smart shopper, because I had a lot of money and had to be in control of my clothes-hungry self. So I picked out the things that I really couldn't live without, such as a red playsuit with anchors for next summer, a checkered shirt dress and hippy headbands...I also stocked up on some presents, mainly for my dad because it's his birthday tomorrow and mum had no presents for him whatsoever! Epic fail, as idiots in my year say.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

I did Rodarte.

I know the secret of Rodarte. Actually, scratch that, I know the secret of making numerous holes in tights that I know will look amazing. I'd like to think I am a genius but actually, this wing-making tutorial on youtube has given me the clue. Photos when I can actually find a pair of tights to do it on, stay tuned!!

My hole way isn't exactly the proper way to do it though. The tights in the Rodarte collection are actually knitted; it's extremely easy to do so hopefully I will be able to wear Rodarte soon, yay! Meanwhile, I leave you with these glorious photoshoots:





(all photos from foto_decadent)

I love how the top one is so classy and elegant. It would be amazing, someday, to do a photoshoot like that somewhere in the heart of a winter forest or by the sea. Also loving how art deco Lily looks in the second one, and the clothes (or the lack thereof) are divine in both!

The Girl in the Yellow jacket.

This jacket. Well, it's actually my happy jacket. The bright yellow gives me confidence, and I always get noticed in it. Such a psychologically clever piece of fabric! And they say that clothes don't matter. The fact that it was £4? Yum. Tacky phone photos in the school disabled loo? Not so yum.

EDIT: Looking at this post I see that I'm two seasons ahead of the world! Score. (And if you remember the grey tank with the candy stripe strapless last month, you may have also maybe some connections with Luella SS09.)

Jacket, Aphorism
Grey v-neck, freecycled Zara
Drop-crotch pants, H&M
Starry Trainers, New Look
Necklace, gift
Bangle, vintage