Saturday, 22 November 2008

More than just Life

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While other bloggers seem to be on an all-time high, I seem to be on an all-time low. I haven't blogged for over a month and it's not like I haven't had time (partly true), it's just that I haven't used it productively. It seems that I sit at my computer far too long doing absolutely nothing! And that's when I have tons of coursework and other things to be doing. That said, I did try all last week and things are getting far better, I just need to say 'right, no internet until I've done this bit of coursework'!

Despite the above, I've had a super exciting past two weeks as my auntie has come to visit! She has a pretty darn interesting life as she travels the world on her yacht; the sea of photos/stories/videos/shells she had brought with her is quite overwhelming. I haven't seen her for well over 3 years (in fact, seeing any relative for me is a rare occurence), so you understand the excitement. She had brought 5kg of the most exquisite shells; I thought I wouldn't get excited but gosh did I miss living 30 minutes away from the sea! The thought of how many secrets the sea holds is quite something; I am always amazed at how different every shell is...I will try my best to take photos although I still have no decent camera (EDIT: Actually...*grins*)

Yesterday, I sneaked off with her to London to see if I could find any decent vintage shops, but didn't quite get there. I finally went into the gigantic Oxford Street Topshop and frankly, I didn't see what all the fuss was about. I mean, in general everything was cute, but nothing very special had caught my eye. In all honesty though, I probably didn't enjoy it because I was skint and, to top it all off, forgot my £20 worth of vouchers I earned from survey sites. I got acquainted with a long-ago, online love of mine - Reko dresses and Johny Loves Rosie Headbows, and the vintage section which had a pretty albeit overpriced lace coat and the cutest fairisle jumpers. We also popped into Urban Outfitters which had such an interesting, homely interior! I swooned over checked, red and black, unaffordable Luella dresses and dug through quite a good sale rail but again, I probably wasn't in the best of shopping moods as nothing jumped out at me! With high hopes, we tried Primark but again, not much luck...the London one's actually a dump and I'm an idiot for not guessing that!

After Oxford Street, it was getting quite dark but I thought we could try wondering down Portobello Road because, hello, vintage + market = must visit! It was already dark when we got there though and only one stall with a hilarious woman that tried SO hard to get me to buy something...