Tuesday, 23 December 2008

And the cold winter breezes whisper in my ear, she's back, she's back, she's here.

She's back? REALLY?

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No, your eyes aren't lying to you and you don't need to go into rehab. I really am "back". Reasons for absence were various...put bluntly, mostly depressing crap to do with my seriously messed up life. Nothing has been going right recently, and I am not going to elaborate for fear of flooding my keyboard; it is a well-known fact that technology doesn't like salty water. As far as I can, I will open a little flap at the back of my head and let it all seep out, and never let all that shit back in again. No matter how hard it knocks. I will use this blog as a little private getaway, where all goes well and where crap doesn't belong. Massive, scary grin.

So, onto the news. With the help of the lovely Emily over at Idea Promotions I managed to sneak myself and my auntie some press passes to go to the Clothes Show. It wasn't great compared to last year, but I didn't go on the last day this time so that could be why! Things were not cheap and it lacked in the bargains department, but there was still plenty of eye candy and excitement. I liked the Anita's Vintage stall a lot, but alas only managed to buy one thing (which you will see in time). The super-nice guys at Lazy Oaf let me have 4 TOPS FOR £23! I will sing odes to them forever. Oh, and a tee I eyed up at Portobello for a quarter of the price. Before you think I'm condraticting myself: sweet, but not much else.

News Item No.2: it's my birthday next week! I'm trying very hard to be positive about it. Very hard. But with all my mates having parties and rantranrantrant.....if I keep convincing myself I will have a good 16th, maybe I will??

Lastly, I have two (!) new cameras. And they are very good. So expect lots of new shizz for the festive season. Oh wait, that's now.