Monday, 13 April 2009

The Dress, the Bag and the Bird.

Broiderie Anglaise Dress, thrifted vintage
Tights, car booted vintage
Shoes, my mum's

Yesterday at skating has been exceptionally good. I fell over a lot, which was very good for me because it meant I was trying, and now I am very pleased with my axel. Today, however, a bad attempt turned it all around; I fell straight on my hip and it is now insanely painful. Still, this dress mum had bought me turned it all around.

This afternoon a neighbour's cat named Sophie struck a small fledgling under its wing and made it bleed in front of my very eyes! It was so sad; luckily the injury could have been worse from what I saw. My mum, my little sister and I were all fussing over the tiny bird that couldn't yet fly and we called the RSPCA. They said that we should put it in a box and take it to a local shelter or vet, but it ran away before we could, and disappeared. It was very upsetting; I truly hope that the poor little thing will survive! I really do sometimes hate cats, even though it's nature but it is still unsettling when it happens before your very eyes :'(

Oh, and I gave myself a little treat and bought an adorable bag with owls. It is remarkably cute and I couldn't wait until it arrived, plus it's a very good size and all of my school things actually fit with no problems (at last). I've had so many compliments already.

This is it so far, it is now unfortunately revision time as my first GCSE is in only two weeks! Before I forget, please please can anyone tell me anywhere I could buy a good prom dress? I have searched high and low and I just cannot find something stunning enough to wear; I wanted a princess ball gown but they all look very tacky on the websites I looked at, and there is nothing vintage of the sort on eBay. Any ideas would be most welcome! Oh and do, of course tell me about your Easter - I love to read :)


  1. wow! love the picture, your tights and owl bag are adorable :)

    and those docs in patent pink sure sound yummy, hope you can get them !

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  3. Love the pic! And for your prom dress I'd go to Camden-tonnes of vintage shops and markets, or I'd go to Brighton cos its even better! Thats what i plan to do for my prom dress!

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  5. lovely picture of you. good job! :)

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