Friday, 15 May 2009


I surrender. To you, to the world, to the starlit sky.
The violins are broken, shoved in a corner
The mist is everywhere, outspoken

Never, never, never.
They won't touch. They won't regret. Silver strands of our spiderwebbed love
Slipping away, slipping away...
I surrender. Forever. To you.

Leotard, American Apparel
Mustard Cardigan, Tu
Skirt, French Connection
Tights/necklaces, gift :)

This week I have had two Humanities exams which I think I did not fail, which is a good sign. I have had a tiring week and it is very soothing to come back to my blog, and now I am writing this post while listening to Dustin O'Halloran's Opus 23 and my eyelids softly reminding me that they would like to close soon.

Bunny T-Shirt, Topshop

Two weeks ago I have had a good attempt at curling my hair; for the first time in my life, I put hairspray onto my hair to keep it in place as I was so tired of my curls disappearing before lunchtime. I would really like to style it differently but I don't know how; most days it is just a long, frizzy mess which I usually just put in a bun. I will probably have it styled for prom which brings me onto the next point - I have a prom dress! No, I cannot believe it myself too. Words cannot describe how guilty I feel after spending an entire day on Brick Lane with my dad waiting patiently while I searched for a dress and tried on a few, only to return with nothing; he doesn't do shopping and only came along because mum wouldn't let me go on my own. I tried on a gown in Rokit but it was in absolutely dismal condition and they wanted £215 for it, so we did not buy it. I longed to stay there longer as it was my first time in a place where there was so much vintage in such a small place, and everywhere I looked there were gorgeous dresses, but sadly not ballgowns. What is both more upsetting and a relief is that the next day we went into a shop 10 minutes away from where I lived and found an exquisite dress which I knew was what I was looking for all along, and it was incredibly cheap. I will show it to you next week after I have my prom, for I am just a little bit superstitious :)

You may have noticed the title of the post, well I am currently in love with this song by the Veronicas - isn't the contrast of the beautiful strings part with the rapid lyrics just so echanting?

I have many more outfits and news to post but for now, a very good night to you and may you all have the dreams of your dreams. Farewell, and be sure to be back.


  1. I adore the first outfit and the feather mask.

  2. You have very nice walls.

  3. thankyou for your super sweet comment :) I love the mask photo, looks amazing.


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