Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The River Flows in You

I must admit that this post took much longer than anticipated as I took literally millions of photos on holiday, especially taking into account that we only went for a week! Oh but what an amazing week it was. Tunbridge Wells really is one of the most extraordinary places I have visited, the photos speak for themselves...(yes I did take the non-outfit ones ;)) Such beautiful views and such variety too, it was wonderful! As much as I have tried to be selective, there are so many photos, including outfits, that I think I will split it into two posts (if not more). The highlights of my trip included:

♥ Being unable to fall asleep on the last day because of singing along to every single song that the ABBA tribute played at a wedding held at the hotel
♥ Evening wonders around the hotel grounds
♥ Feeding a wild deer (my favourite animal) right out of my hand.
♥ Visiting Hever Castle, where Ann Boleyn lived
♥ Visiting the ruins of Scotney Castle
♥ Feeding ducks, fish and other creatures including myself at various places
♥ My mum giving me a pretty pair of vintage earrings at the beginning of the trip and my dad trying them on at the end.

When we got back there was a big disappointment waiting for me in the form of an email which I will not talk about, and a big package waiting to be picked up at my local post office. It was from the lovely Natalie over at Buzz Paradise; I was absolutely thrilled to find that I was one of the lucky bloggers who won the Ma Dame campaign which I posted about below, and when I received the package I could hardly contain my excitement! Inside was a bottle of the Ma Dame fragrance in crazy cool packaging, a campaign folder with a CD and an absolutely divine set of earphones with a built in MP3 player! The best bit is that they already had a fab Martin Solveig tune on the memory card so I could literally turn them on and start bopping! My favourite toy now, I just cannot put them down. The fragrance launches at the end of August and the 43ml bottle is exclusive to Debenhams, thanks again Jean Paul Gaultier and Buzz Paradise!

On a side note, the black blazer I am wearing in the photos I picked up for absolutely free thanks to my local Freecycle! It's a really nice length and it fits me perfectly, how cool is that? I really like the look of Ralph Lauren blazers (oh why do they have to cost so much?) with the crests, and I thought it would be so awesome if I could put the Hogwarts crest on it using an iron on patch. I'm unbelievably excited about this, haha.

How is everyone's summer so far? Has anyone seen any meteors yet?

C&A Blazer, Freecycled
Striped overzied vest, Red Herring
Belt, vintage
Plimsoles, Jaeger
Watch, gift


  1. You have got the PRETTIEST hair! :)

  2. Congrats on winning such a cool prize. Those are some awesome headphones. I love the pictures, England looks so pretty.r

  3. i know net a porter simultaneously makes me insanely happy and depressed haha. It looks like you had an amazing holidy- and yay presents!!! lucky girl!

  4. such wonderful photos! your hair looks glorious!!!!

    i love ABBA!!! and how awesome that a wild deer ate out of the palm of your hand!

    sounds like it was such a lovely trip!!! and from the looks of it too!!!


  5. beautiful photos! love the texture of your hair too! i can't wait for mine to get longer. anyways, my summer's been decent, nothing too exciting or interesting. i'm glad you had fun though!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so pleased I've seen yours now, I will be back. These pictures are lovely. Your hair is so perfect. I like everything about your outfit its definately my style.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! I just love your outfit.....so cute!

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love yours, your photography style is beautifully magical and romantic!
    I'm going to add you to my reading list :)

  9. Thank you! I love your outfit, so cute. & I wish I saw meteors, sadly my city isn't dark enough to ever see those things! I invited you just now btw :)

  10. that skirt is fantastic xoxox

  11. WOW what a great vacation you had... I am so jealous :(. I wish I could visit the castle Ann Boleyn lived in!! And those pictures are amazing. i bet they don't do them justice.

  12. lovely pictures..and ur hair..ur like a fairy tell princess..so pretty.

    One Love,

  13. Oh wow, the scenery is absolutely beautiful! Haha, I really hope you do put the Hogwarts crest on the blazer - that would be so rad!

  14. these are the most beautiful photos i've seen in a long time! and such a classically pretty outfit, too. it sounds like an amazing trip!

    and thanks for being such a dollface, but i totally don't model, haha. i'm totally awkward in real life. but thank you so much!

  15. oh i adore your blog!
    you have the cutest style and honestly im in love with your hair. super cute

  16. Love your outfit...the photos are beautiful.

  17. but you have topshop and H&M right, we aren't have them in here :(
    and you go to hever castle, wow thats cool, i just ever seen it on films and traveling chanel, great trip!!, and love ur outfits, great combination :]]


  18. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday! :)
    Thank you for commenting my blog the other day, I only just saw my emails! www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com

  19. Beauutiful picture - wow! The first one looks magical <3
    Love your outfit, the pretty skirt especially.

  20. These photos are all amazingly pretty! Love your outfit and your hair too. Have you got a super camera or did you add the soft effect in photoshop? I'd love to exchange links with you so comment me if you're interested x Sushi

  21. I love these photos...where were they taken, and what kind of camera do you use?

  22. Thank you for the lovely comment, I can assure you that I took the photos. It was a very sweaty afternoon and my boyfriend got three ticks hahahaha

    Sounds like you had quite a lovely time on vacation, great pictures!

  23. Hey! loved the pictures, great blog btw, check out ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it,

  24. beauuuuuuutiful photographs.

  25. Oh, first: you have a pretty and fabolous hair.
    Second: your photos and style are amazing. I like them!
    Thanks 4 comment in my Blog.

  26. These are such lovely photos. Love your outfit, too. xx

  27. Great outfit - love the blazer! And it looks like you had a lovely holiday. Thanks for sharing these pics. Also, congrats on winning the scent and the other goodies. The built-in mp3 player sounds like such a great idea :)

    p.s. with regards to Armstrongs in Edinburgh, the pricing is actually pretty ok. If you check out their ebay store, that will give you an indication.

  28. sunning photos, wow!

    ps, sorry i can't help you as i dont shop in Bath much, i buy most of my stuff on the internet (mainly topshop & UO) :)

  29. hey sweetie ♥

    thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog - sorry it's taken so long to reply but this week has been crazyyy busy! i've been filming for a short fashion programme for my blog that will be up on the 24th august... SO exciting! and i've been working lotsss to afford gorgeous new A/W clothes :)

    to answer your question, my gladiator sandals are from primark! such a bargain at just £4 lol x

    your blog is so beautiful - these photos are amazing. keep up the great work! i'll def be back :)

    ♥ Hannah



  30. Your photographs are so romantic and pretty. I love them! and I am obsessed with your long locks!! love your blog, what camera do u use for pics, or do you just edit them to be that way? FANTASTIC! :)

  31. Hi! My name is Wylie, and I was once like you... no fashion spot membership! I have been trying to get in and they will not lt me, i do not think they allow 14 year olds I guess. But could you send me an invite please? It would mean the world to me. wylie1995@gmail.com and then please tell me your username! I am sorry to be so rude but I have to ask!

  32. I love the photos, outfits, everything! What camera do you use? Freecycle seems like a great idea, just wish the websites were easier to navigate, like ebay.

  33. You look so sweet!!!!!!
    I love this photoshoot so much! Amazing location, you and outfit! I love this kind of skirt and you match it so well with the blazer!!!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment!
    I do love it so much!

    A kiss and a hugs, Have a great weekend!

    See you,

  34. Yay ducks! I actually live really near Tunbridge Wells-a sensational shopping location.x

  35. Those pictures are soooooo pretty!! I love the ones with the ivy! It makes me think of the Secret Garden film! So lovely! And congrats on the amazing prize! Those headphones look awesome!


  36. This is SO gorgeous. I am in love with your outfit. Your blog is amazing!

  37. those ma dame headphones are sick!

  38. Oh goodness me, Scotney! I love that place so much though I haven't been there for years it always makes me think of beautiful colours and flowers. I recognised it immediately from your gorgeous photos. I think I'll have to visit again soon, thank you for the inspiration!

  39. Wow, first and second pictures are so gorgeous!

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