Monday, 13 April 2009

The Dress, the Bag and the Bird.

Broiderie Anglaise Dress, thrifted vintage
Tights, car booted vintage
Shoes, my mum's

Yesterday at skating has been exceptionally good. I fell over a lot, which was very good for me because it meant I was trying, and now I am very pleased with my axel. Today, however, a bad attempt turned it all around; I fell straight on my hip and it is now insanely painful. Still, this dress mum had bought me turned it all around.

This afternoon a neighbour's cat named Sophie struck a small fledgling under its wing and made it bleed in front of my very eyes! It was so sad; luckily the injury could have been worse from what I saw. My mum, my little sister and I were all fussing over the tiny bird that couldn't yet fly and we called the RSPCA. They said that we should put it in a box and take it to a local shelter or vet, but it ran away before we could, and disappeared. It was very upsetting; I truly hope that the poor little thing will survive! I really do sometimes hate cats, even though it's nature but it is still unsettling when it happens before your very eyes :'(

Oh, and I gave myself a little treat and bought an adorable bag with owls. It is remarkably cute and I couldn't wait until it arrived, plus it's a very good size and all of my school things actually fit with no problems (at last). I've had so many compliments already.

This is it so far, it is now unfortunately revision time as my first GCSE is in only two weeks! Before I forget, please please can anyone tell me anywhere I could buy a good prom dress? I have searched high and low and I just cannot find something stunning enough to wear; I wanted a princess ball gown but they all look very tacky on the websites I looked at, and there is nothing vintage of the sort on eBay. Any ideas would be most welcome! Oh and do, of course tell me about your Easter - I love to read :)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Ever vast and ever free, this is how she came to be.

I am sorry that I took such a long break from blogging (again). I've missed it so much and now I am so glad that I have some time to catch up. I have news. Many, many news. So many, in fact, that I'm afraid I will forget something. Sprinkled in between the news are recent outfits that I never got round to posting.

Very warm Easter wishes to everyone, I hope you all have a great time.

I have taken lots of exams recently, and so far I think I did okay. I was really happy to find out that I got an A* for the first Science module, it was such a relief because I felt that I didn't do well at all when I sat the exam! I also sat a 10 hour art exam and just about finished my final piece, which is how I wanted it to be but I wish I could have just an extra half an hour to add some more finishing touches. It looks better in person than in the photos, you cannot see the way the cover shimmers because it is coated in so much glittery nail varnish (I think I used up my whole bottle!).

After I empty-headedly left my flute somewhere at school, it got stolen, so it was very difficult to prepare for my Grade 4 exam. Needless to say, it didn't go very well as I had a borrowed flute but I hope that I at least scraped a pass. Time will tell!

Cardigan, Tu
T-shirt, Punkyfish
Skirt, thirfted vintage
Pearls, vintage
Heart necklace, gift from Israel

As you have probably guessed from the above, I had absolutely no time for blogging. It is good that I have some now. It's early to celebrate, though, as the bulk of exams is fast approaching.

Cardigan, Cath Kidston
Jumpsuit, Primark
Rabbit T-shirt (underneath), Topshop

At last, some fashion-related news - I bought a wonderful little black dress for a black-and-white themed party, and it turned out to be a fantastic investment. It was the day of the party and I was running out of time when I went into H&M after trying out about a dozen different black dresses in various shops. The dress itself seemed ordinary, but when I wore it it fitted like a glove, and I figured it could be dressed in so many different ways. I originally wanted to return it because I was only going t wear it for 4 hours and £25 is quite expensive for me. Having thought about it, I decided to keep it and it proved very useful because it is such an effortless solution if I don't have anything fancy enough to wear. This is what I looked like the day of the party:

During the previous half-term my family went for a regular visit at Bicester village, one of the loveliest places I have ever shopped in. The houses always look so neat and homely, you just want to live there! The shops are all designer outlets which means that they sell stock from one or two seasons ago, all for a lot less (but still not always accessible to me!). There is even a Luella, but unfortunately they never seem to have pretty dresses. We usually buy odd little things, but that time was lucky and my mum bought me the most beautiful dress ever! The blue and white stripes reminds me a lot of Alice, or maybe Wendy Darling. It has detachable straps which is a big plus! We also popped into Cath Kidston and saw a lovely cardigan which we bought too; as you can see it goes absolutely perfectly with the dress. Needless to say I felt amazingly lucky.

I seem to have been showered with the most wonderful gifts of late. My mum has been spoiling me with lots of lovely things. Ribbed tights, the cosiest vintage argyle sweater, pearls, books and today this clutch bag. Sometimes I think I don't deserve it all. Oh, and she had bought me another dress, this time in a charity shop, and I am absolutely in love with it. I hope to show it to you very soon.

Hairbow, vintage
Pearls, vintage
Sweater, vintage
Dress, Influence

Another bit of news - I have been accepted by an acting agency! I'm not sure how good it is in temrs of credits, but their website looks very professional. I hope I will get some work because I need money to buy things, haha. Whilst we are on the subject of acting, I went to see another West End show! This time it was a reward trip from the school; we saw Gareth Gates as Joseph which was truly amusing. Not in a bad way necessarily, but the way he breathes when he sings is so peculiar, and the giggles at the back were at their peak when he came on stage topless! My favourite part was the sets; they did such an amazing job with what I think must have been no less than 10 different sets all switching around.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

A Tag and Two Massive Apologies

Before I do a huuuuuge post outlining the past two months of my life, I have to apologise to two lovely bloggers. First on the run is the wonderful Ella of Rebel Angel, who tagged me back in October (!) and I still haven't done her tag! My lovely Ella, I'm so sorry that it took me so long to do it. I promise you that I didn't forget your tag and that it has been systematically nudging me in the back of my head saying 'don't ignore me, don't ignore me'...Now it's finally time!

Six Random Things About Me
1. I have always wanted to be able to do a handstand, and I was always too frightened. I finally did it 2 weeks ago!
2. I had a phase when I only fancied ginger people.
3. I still love ginger people.

4. I didn't wear a pair of jeans until I was 11 (just like you, Ella)
5. I once bought a whole cabbage-head to school and shared it with everyone in my class and we had a massive cabbage-eating session.

6. I'm fascinated by really unusual things that cannot be explained. Eg. the Codex Seraphinianus or the Voynich Manuscript. They overwhelm me, in a good way. It's not always complex things, too; try looking up next time you are outside at night. Can that ever be explained?

Six Random Things I Like
1. Stars.
2. English countryside, along with Thomas Kinkaide-style cosy, old-fashioned houses
3. Dresses.
4. Rye bread with raisins.
5. Animals.
6. Fairy tales
7.Ginger people??

Six Random Things I Don't Like
1. When people say 'no offence/ i don't mean to be rude but...' The epitome of being rude.
2. Worms.
3. People that refuse to try, or give up too easily.
4. Wasted days.

5. Jew jokes. I cannot stand it when what is left of jewish people is being laughed at, not after what had happened. Not ever.
6. Small children on hockey skates that get in my way when I train.

Six (not random) Bloggers I Tag
1. Selina of Flying Saucer
2. Hannah at Fawned
3. McCall
4. Micaela of The Drifter and the Gypsy
5. Joanna of Unicorn Diaries
6. Kiss My Sass

My second apology goes to the lovely Pratishtha of ShotCouture, who sent me the loveliest wallet ever from India and it took me this long to say thank you! It was by Ritu Kumar and exquisitely packaged too, truly a gem to receive. Check out her blog here!

Sorry, I cannot find photo credits as these have been saved by me a while ago. PLEASE let me know if you see yours :)