Sunday, 28 June 2009

This time Baby I'll be Bulletproof.

I can only hope that this time I will be posting much more, seriously. Three months of freedom, ahh this time I really shall have no excuse but to update as often as I can. I honestly have so many things to tell you. I cannot wait.

Beret, Accessorize
Dress, H&M
Belt, Vintage
Tights, Elle
Bag, Primark
Creepers, my Dad's :)
Skull ring, thrifted

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Ma dame...c'est une grande surprise!

I am extremely excited right now because I have been offered a chance to take part in solving a most difficult case...A case which involves working with the utmost accuracy to unsolve a captivating mystery. I am, of course, talking about Jean Paul Gaultier's fragrance, Ma Dame. To celebrate Ma Dame's 21st anniversary, Jean Paul Gaultier has invited a mystery artist whose favourite art, apparently, is the 'art of surprise'! A handful of bloggers (and their readers!) have been offered the opportunity to guess the mystery artist with the help of some clues by Jean Paul himself. It's almost like an online treasure hunt and super exciting!

Here is the first clue I have been given:
The rest of the clues are in the video at the bottom, highlighted in pink. Many artists have come across my mind to be honest; at first, I thought it may have been Pink, but I noticed that the video was almost from the point of view of the mystery guest and the reflection in the mirror was male. So perhaps, because of the numbers 1234, Feist and DJ Martin Solveig sprung to mind because they both have songs named 1234. Besides, the video showed a record and headphones which remind me of Solveig even more. What do you think?

Exams are almost over (just 2 to go!) so I promise I will soon do a long post uncovering my ventures this month. I have until the 22nd of June to figure out the "guest star" so please if you have any ideas do help me out! There just might be something in it for you too :)