Friday, 17 July 2009

Haunt Me

What is it that I love so much about Lula? The other-worldly shoots? The dreamy poetry? The beautiful clothes? No, I cannot pick just one thing. Everything is divine. How often do you find a magazine that, once opened, must be devoured there and then, a magazine that whisks you away, even if only for half an hour, to a place you thought only existed in your dreams and where you can forget everything. Even yourself.

My brain would be damaged beyond repair if I suddenly lost such a treasure chest of inspiration.

It is, therefore, with great relief that I can tell you that Lula mag is not ceasing to exist! After reading about the rumours on Susie's blog, I decided to give Lula a call and ask...At first I thought I got the wrong number and the person down the line was just playing a joke on me, so I hung up, but then they called me back and said that it was Lula. They were really nice and said that the magazine will most definitely continue to exist and that it was other magazines, most likely 'Love', that might soon be folding.

Despite never having a Lula in my possession, I remember the only time I saw it quite well. I remember, with a slight chuckle, how I copied names of designers and shops from shoots into my phone, to make sure I didn't forget to check them out later because I loved the clothes so much. Particularly inspiring was this photoshoot with the girl clad in dark victorian outfits, so inspiring that I yearned to recreate the outfit right there and then.

Bowler hat, Topshop
Pearls, vintage
Cameo neckalce, vintage
Victorian dress, thrifted vintage
Long sleeve top, Primark
Ribbed tights, Elle
Shoes, my sister's
Skull ring, thrifted

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Leaving to stay.

She was someone who liked to read an awful lot. Sat in her room all night, wondering
How is it that I cannot be part of that world?
How is it that I have to sit here, pondering
Looking out of my window and seeing stars form them all, all those who I read about.
And as I look away, they disappear, dissolve into the night
Why cannot they stay with me?

And one early morning when she woke up,
the sky was a shimmer of blue.
found pearls in her hair
And a note by her bed
It told her:
"Your Dream has Come True"

She ran outside, disbelieving, and the Book opened before her eyes
Told her all its secrets,
Glowing from inside,
as the pages turned themselves.

"Are you ready to join us?" cried voices from within the Book
in a mesmerising chorus of echoes, echoes
And she cried in return, but her voice got lost
In the dance of a myriad speckles.

She put on her travelling shoes,
but in her heart, she was still a princess.
Switched robes for a cloak and crown for hat
Took with her a map and a compass.

The voices were howling, the wind picked her up
As she bid her castle goodbye
That day was the last; will she ever be back?
Perhaps we will know it in time.

I am so happy that now I have time to go back to blogging and reading, amongst lots of other wonderful things. The poem was inspired by a book I am reading at the moment, 'Inkheart', where a man finds out that he can read characters to come out of books. I think, if I had any special powers, I would love to be able to enter any book as any character within it.

The past two weeks have been good, my induction days for sixth form went well and I am actually rather excited to start in September! Then I became very ill and spent two days in bed feeling absolutely terrible. Luckily, I recovered pretty quickly. While I was ill I watched Atonement for the very first time, which was very inspiring. If you get the chance, watch it!

I have also been doing lots of shopping; my local H&M had a huge sale and my prayers of finding a grey cardigan were answered as I discovered the one that I am wearing in the photos. It was a mere £7 and goes with absolutely everything! I was unsure of how to wear the blue pinstripe dress for a while, which was a real shame but it seems to go with the cardigan so perfectly! My next point of obsession is this dress from River Island, which is absolutely required in my wardrobe, haha. I can already picture a multitude of ways of wearing it but sadly it is not online or in my local store, there is one on eBay but it is a size 8 which I doubt I'll fit into...

One last thing: I am absolutely thrilled to have been amongst the lucky few who won the Ma Dame campaign that I blogged about below! My package from Buzz Paradise hasn't come yet but I will show you what I won as soon as it arrives. Thanks so much Buzz Paradise!!

Please stay tuned as in my next post I have some more super exciting/relieving news :)

Cardigan, H&M
Blue pinstripe dress, Whistles (Bicester)
Pearls, vintage
Creepers, my Dad's

P.S. Do you like the new header?