Sunday, 23 August 2009

Bathing in Beauty

As you can tell by the title, or perhaps not, I have just been swept away on a surprise holiday to Bath for 6 days! I have very little time to write this post, as I am leaving again tomorrow, this time to Spain! Again, I will let the photos do the talking, and will add just a couple of observations:

♥ Bath is stunning. No elaboration needed.
♥ Listening to seagulls and walking around the pretty town centre whilst drinking a cold kiwi smoothie is an experience which must be repeated very soon.
♥ I have never, ever seen so many good looking boys in one place. I don't usually pay that much attention to boys, but there were so many I couldn't help but notice! Best guy-spotting destination? Waitrose.
♥ I found out that I really like holding tarantulas. The opportunity sprung up in Longleat Pet Corner and it was just the loveliest feeling, the spider was so light that it felt like a gentle flock of dandelion fluff resting on my hand.
♥ The Roman Baths after which the town is named must be visited after dusk to fully grasp their true haunting beauty.
♥ Lacock village is now on my list of dream home destinations. The most cosy, perfect-looking place ever; I bet if I came back in Winter everywhere I would look I would just see picture postcards.
♥ Feeling like I was in Hogwarts when visiting the cloisters of Lacock Abbey, and imagining the faint outlines of the message about the chamber of secrets blood red still visible against those ancient walls.

As I know a lot of you will ask, the shopping in Bath was actually very good; even though the shops are scattered around the centre and are not positioned in one line as they are in most places, it's a much nicer experience! The only downside was that the shops closed very early, most at around 5:30, so we had to come back a few times to cover everything. I searched on the internet before we left for vintage shops we could visit but, surprisingly, there wasn't much information. Because of this I didn't have high hopes for the vintage but still kept a lookout - and found not one but three lovely shops! There was an absolute treasure trove of a shop called Jack & Danny's, packed to the brim with absolutely hundereds of clothes. Everything was expensive but I did buy a pretty Cacharel skirt from the 20p table outside the shop, which you will see later. On the day we were leaving we were having one last peek around the shops when we found a small market completely by accident, which had really nice, reasonably priced vintage stalls! My mum bought a beautiful floor-length floral dress for £10 (alas, only for her size 0 frame) and I got a pretty blouse for a fiver, which will be perfect for back-to-school.

While I was in Bath I also played Sartorialist and took some street snaps of the most exquisitely dressed couple! We were just going past Waitrose when my mum spotted this lady and her husband walking on the street, and when I looked over my shoulder I just knew I wouldn't forgive myself if I walked away without taking a photo. I darted across the street before they could escape and asked if they wouldn't mind me taking a photo for my blog; fortunately they didn't mind at all and now my only regret is that I took just two photos! What made me completely fall in love was the fact that every little detail was cared for in her outfit, so many pretty accessories and it just all worked together so well! I have so much admiration for people who dare to do these things amidst crowds of people withdrawn into their shells, refusing to let their true selves run free for fear of judgement. I ran off after my family and completely forgot to give them my blog address and kept thinking what a shame they will never get to see those photos, but fortunately the most awesome thing happened! On the last day we were shopping, I popped into a vintage shop called Vintage to Vogue for a quick browse, and in comes the very same lady looking just as perfect as she did that day, so of course I explained who I was and gave her my blog address, if you are reading this sorry it took so long to post the photos and please keep on dressing so beautifully!

This post is slightly late as I couldn't upload the photos in Spain for some reason and thought it would be unfair on you to do a holiday post with no photos! I just got back home and now sifting through all the photos we took, so much to do and so little time!

P.S. I got this pretty ring in the Miss Selfridge sale for only £2, and must say from that day I don't mind giant pearlescent flowers growing on my fingers. On one condition, though. I cannot be bothered to water them.

C&A Blazer, Freecycled
Shirt, Freecycled
Skirt, vintage
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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Just a quickie...

To the lovely lady who I photographed, I haven't uploaded the photos yet as I only just got back home from my holiday in Bath, but I will do so very, very soon (probably later today)! So much to post and so little time, off to help mum unpack and then I will get back to everyone who e-mailed and commented while I was away! :D

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The River Flows in You

I must admit that this post took much longer than anticipated as I took literally millions of photos on holiday, especially taking into account that we only went for a week! Oh but what an amazing week it was. Tunbridge Wells really is one of the most extraordinary places I have visited, the photos speak for themselves...(yes I did take the non-outfit ones ;)) Such beautiful views and such variety too, it was wonderful! As much as I have tried to be selective, there are so many photos, including outfits, that I think I will split it into two posts (if not more). The highlights of my trip included:

♥ Being unable to fall asleep on the last day because of singing along to every single song that the ABBA tribute played at a wedding held at the hotel
♥ Evening wonders around the hotel grounds
♥ Feeding a wild deer (my favourite animal) right out of my hand.
♥ Visiting Hever Castle, where Ann Boleyn lived
♥ Visiting the ruins of Scotney Castle
♥ Feeding ducks, fish and other creatures including myself at various places
♥ My mum giving me a pretty pair of vintage earrings at the beginning of the trip and my dad trying them on at the end.

When we got back there was a big disappointment waiting for me in the form of an email which I will not talk about, and a big package waiting to be picked up at my local post office. It was from the lovely Natalie over at Buzz Paradise; I was absolutely thrilled to find that I was one of the lucky bloggers who won the Ma Dame campaign which I posted about below, and when I received the package I could hardly contain my excitement! Inside was a bottle of the Ma Dame fragrance in crazy cool packaging, a campaign folder with a CD and an absolutely divine set of earphones with a built in MP3 player! The best bit is that they already had a fab Martin Solveig tune on the memory card so I could literally turn them on and start bopping! My favourite toy now, I just cannot put them down. The fragrance launches at the end of August and the 43ml bottle is exclusive to Debenhams, thanks again Jean Paul Gaultier and Buzz Paradise!

On a side note, the black blazer I am wearing in the photos I picked up for absolutely free thanks to my local Freecycle! It's a really nice length and it fits me perfectly, how cool is that? I really like the look of Ralph Lauren blazers (oh why do they have to cost so much?) with the crests, and I thought it would be so awesome if I could put the Hogwarts crest on it using an iron on patch. I'm unbelievably excited about this, haha.

How is everyone's summer so far? Has anyone seen any meteors yet?

C&A Blazer, Freecycled
Striped overzied vest, Red Herring
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