Friday, 25 December 2009

BOXING DAY GIVEAWAY (or borderline Lula madness!)

Hear ye, hear ye, come this way, I announce a giveaway!

And I promise, this one you'll be BONKERS to miss!

But halt! Contain your excitement! For there is a sorry tale to precede these jolly happenings...

What do you do when your nearest Borders, stocking the latest nuggets of literary excellence such as i-D,POP, Lula, KoreanJapaneseRussianItalianyounameittheyhaveitVogue, Elle, Seventeen etcK etcK is 5 minutes' walk away from your house?

No, this isn't a cracker joke and the answer is not (insert clever borders-related pun here), but is in fact, that you live H.E.A in your little red-brick house sipping coffee in front of House MD and making cabbage brownies like any sane old granny, and be warm'd with the thought that you can pop into Borders at any time you wish and cosy-up in a corner and have a flick through Lula...or two...or three...

But what do you do when (this is getting somewhere I assure you), after peeacefully dozing off in the car after a tiring skate at the rink, you spot something that makes you jolt bolt upright and, after a prolonged pause of disbelief, succumb to sorrowful sobs of...sorrow? Namely, a black-on-yellow banner snaking across the Borders sign saying 'STORE CLOSING - everything must go'?!?! You feel overcome with unbearable grief, and secretly wish for plentiful reductions...

Or at least, that's what it was like for me. But rejoice, my lovelies, for this tale doth indeed have a joyous ending... The eve of the very last day of Borders' existence, my mother whispered in my ear as she put me to bed some advice which I later embraced with eternal gratitude..."get yourself down there," says she, "with a big bag. just en case." What wise words. So the next day I crunch over to Borders in the snow, and of course almost wept with tears of bittersweet joy as I flew to the magazine discover an enormous, enormously reduced pile of Lulas! You'd think at £1 each it was already a bargain to be had (and when do you ever see magazines reduced ever?), and so did I when I was just about to head to the tills, when...


a booming voice thundered from the sky:

"Good afternoon Borders customers, for the final 20 minutes of this store every book, magazine and Paperchase item is now 10p"


It was decided in an instant. Let's just the end, my bag was unliftable. I had to "borrow" a broken trolley to take everything home. And thus, my dear readers, I am happy to announce a Lula giveaway! I will be giving away 2 copies of Lula magazine (possibly three depending on how many entries there will be), drawing names at random out of a hat.

Because.. I really wanted to do something to thank you all properly, and also because I know like me, there are a good few of us who have been recession-beaten and cannot spend £6 on a magazine, or simply have nowhere to buy it. I hope that this is worthy enough for my first ever giveaway, and hope to do some more in the near future!

To enter, all you have to do is simply leave a comment with your name and e-mail, and a link to a pretty picture (optional :P) I will put all names in a hat and draw one winner on the 3rd January 2010!! Good Luck everyone, and please spread the word: the more people enter the merrier! <3

Monday, 21 December 2009

White Winter Hymnal

I was following the pack, all swallowed in their coats, with scarves of red tied round their throats, to keep their little heads from falling in the snow, and i turned round and there you go...

Isn't it wonderful when snow comes? Every year I long to crawl out of bed one morning and know that somebody up above gave the earth a generous sprinkling, like icing on a giant Christmas cake ready to be treasured until every last morsel is gone...

Hat, T.K.Maxx
Scarf, gift from Narnia
Shirt, Hollister
Fringed waistocat, Hollister
Bodycon skirt, Miss Selfridge, thrifted
Tights, gift
Boots, Clarks

Lyrics: Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal . If you haven't heard it yet you must!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Remnants of Summer

This post is latelatelate, but now that it is almost half term I'm planning to catch up big time! It was originally intended to tell you about my holiday in Spain, but I sprinkled in some photos that I didn't post from my other two holidays as well. There is just so much I need to tell you as I have been away an unbelievably long time, I'm having to make lists so that I don't forget!

But first, a few thank yous which are in order...

First gratuloveity goes to Misha over from Endlessness Ego who made the most adorable collage of my photos and mentioned me on her blog, the first time ever that someone has posted about my blog and it feels so special! I cannot believe my photos were posted alongside those from Thumbelina and Alice Point, it's so surreal to me as they are some of the most stunning blogs I've ever read.

Second gratuloveity to Forever 21 blog! Yes, you heard right, let me explain how this one happened...Having recently joined the wonderful Chictopia (look out for the link in the sidebar in the next couple of days), one of my outfits was automatically entered in their Back To School contest and after the deadline I decided to check their blog to see if they have chosen the winners. No winners list was there but as I scrolled down, my eyes stopped on a photo that was - o skies above - mine... It was part of a group of outfits a Forever 21 stylist picked out from the Chictopia contest that caught their eye. Some wouldn't see this as too big a deal but nothing like this has ever happened to me, and it made my heart smile.

And last but by no means least, thank you to all of you who visit my blog. I read your comments, each and every one, and- in all honest truth! - you have no idea how much you make me smile and how much you help me, my wonderful readers. My self-confidence has plummeted down in the past few weeks (more on that maybe another time), and re-reading some of the comments has helped me a lot to go back to my usual happy self. It's amazing what a few nice words can do, even if you don't think it.

Spain was lots of fun, more than I could ever imagine. Save from the hideous appartment where we stayed, where the toilet had to be asked nicely before reluctantly agreeing to flush, I don't regret at all that I went away and missed results day. First time at the seaside in over 7 years, I forgot it all: how good it smelt, how the water tingled on my tongue when I tasted it, the welcoming warmth of the waves and the way they lift you up and place you back gently on your feet. We went almost everyday, sometimes twice. Once we decided to find a beach of our own as the ones nearby were always so crowded, and traversed a mere 20 minutes away to find a really nice one with only a few locals sitting around. Then, my dad went for a walk and found the sweetest little crab! Of course we released it afterwards.

I loved Barcelona, definitely one of the best cities I have visited and most definitely made my entire trip! We were unbelievably pressed for time as we went on a tour; the guide kept saying, right, you've got an hour to go round this place then I want you back on the bus, and it seemed to go so quickly! First stop was the Gaudi park which I found bizarrely alluring. Sitting on the longest bench in the world, which apparently Gaudi wanted to be very ergonomically correct so he made the builders sit on the plaster completely naked so it moulded to their butts, oh what an experience... My sister and I amused ourselves no end, running from one part to the other shouting 'look, I think I found the butt bit!', haha.

The photos do not lie, it is certainly a whimsical paradise...The way the walls and colonnades are built to look like sandcastles, and the odd curving chess buildings are certainly a sight not to be missed, not to mention how cleverly nature is so seamlessly integrated with the architecture! There are flowers everywhere and it just looks so pretty. The only disappointment was the "main attraction" of the park - that famous mosaic dragon-lizard - which was surrounded by ceaseless crowds of people all trying to touch it/ take their photo by it. Forget trying not to have other people in your photo, it was hard enough coming up to it as it is; it was manic! We didn't even try to come up to it, I merely snapped a lucky shot which was literally a millisecond before someone jumped in front of me!

Next up was Gaudi's Sagrada Familia which is still in the process of being built... though the detail of the facade is simply breathtaking. We loved the tortoises that held up the columns to the entrance, so cute! Again, crowds were crazy so we didn't go anywhere near the 2 hour queue to go up in the lift to the tower, how pointless! We opted for the Gaudi museum at the side instead, and also found that there was no soap in the toilets?!

Final destination was la Placa del Catalunya, which is one of the main shopping squares in the city, a complete and utter feast for the my utmost distress, I could hardly go anywhere as we spent one hour in the huge El Corte Ingles (oh the Ralph Lauren blazers!), which was utter torture with places like the enormous H&M with a flashing staircase so tantalizingly close, at every corner! Not to mention flea markets, which I secretly hoped to sneak in to at least for a tiny bit just to see what they are like! Thus, in a trice, it was decided - I am definitely coming back on a shopping weekend.

Other notable highlights:
♥ My GCSE results being read out to me on the phone by my mum whilst being at a water park....and nearly slipping over upon the revelation that I got 8A*s and 4As!!!
♥ Falling asleep to the sounds of either the Macarena, Saturday Night or (the most entertaining) people singing karaoke. Badly.
♥ Seeing dolphins for the first time in my life and swimming with sea lions.
♥ Hypocritical mocking of Russian tourists
♥ Sunsets, that looked like this:

♥Spanish peaches, nectarines, and delicious goat's cheese.
♥ Narnia in Barcelona?

♥ A brief glimpse of Gaudi's dragon house in Barcelona, which - it is said - when the sunlight shines on it appears as though it is breathing. I would like to live there one day, very much.
♥ Home at last, in the pouring rain. I LOVE YOU, ENGLAND.

Pink bubble dress, T.K.Maxx (£4!)
GAP striped sailor tee, Car Boot
Candy stripe skirt, Vintage
C&A Blazer, Freecycled
Pink shirt, Freecycled
Navy skirt, vintage
Hairbow, New Look
Ballet flats, my sister's
Pearls, vintage
Sheer top, Ronit Zilkha
Belt, Vintage
Shorts, Firetrap
Flutter sleeve T-Shirt, T.K.Maxx
Shorts, Firetrap
Headband, Primark
Plimsoles, Jaeger
Burton skirt (worn as dress), Car Boot
Necklace, gift
Belt, vintage
Shoes, Poetic License

P.S. Have you got any remnants of summer, fleeting petals, wisps of sunny memories that make you smile on a cold wintery night? Please tell me; I'd love to know.