Sunday, 3 January 2010


My mum must have been in terrible pain as this year my birth was not a quick one - I was a little greedy and took two days to celebrate. Indeed, your current presumptions are correct - the nature of this blog doth strongly suggest that both of those days were spent in the pleasureable activity that involves spending money on pretty things for yourself, otherwise known as shopping...

On Tuesday, the day of my actual birthday, I traversed to Bicester Village with my family, to visit my second home. You see, it is rather quaint, a little white house with wooden flooring and cream wallpaper and lots and lots of clothes hanging on the walls. I love it most of all at Christmas time, walking the along the cobbled alley and all the houses lit up with silvery constellations strung on their roofs at night.

As usual, I stepped into Luella for a little while. Even though my favourite AW08 dress was sold, I did walk away with some uplifting news, so lean in and listen closely:
Luella is not gone forevermore! A sales assistant told me that the media made the situation far worse than it was, and that the business has been in a sense put "on hold" while she is searching for a buyer. Hope this is of some consolation to some Luella lovers out there, as for myself I do hope for a SS08 comeback, or at least something close...

My amazing mother spoilt me so much I could hardly believe it, I promise to show you in another post. It's funny how those trips to Bicester always make me ludicrously happy, for no apparent reason. Perhaps it's the long drive through the English countryside, the endless "look, a sheep!" that I will never, ever tire of...And then there's the shopping part, even if sometimes it only is collapsing into fits of giggles at the sight of a Russian "dame" clad in a fur coat of every colour of the rainbow and stilettos so pointed they could kill (on a bad day, extremely tacky Emilio Pucci hi-top trainers with Swarowski crystals) or swooning over beautiful Ralph Lauren boys.
On the way back, we ate apples and tangerines that tingled on my tongue and purple (always purple) "Eat Natural" bars. A door-creak and a delicious home-cooked dinner of salmon and baked winter vegetables later, I was safely tucked up in bed, ready for another exciting day.

Wednesday was just as fun, with me and two friends whisked off to London for a highly amusing (/knackering) day out. We started off on Oxford Street checking out the usual sales; despite the enormous Topshop sale, nothing caught my eye apart from a very good knock-off pair of Chanel-esque two-tone tights, which I now resent not buying because £8 seems meek compared to £200, and now they're sold out online :( *wails* We were so much luckier next door at Urban Outfitters where I quite literally wanted everything, but in the end walked away with a pair of toasty sheepskin booties, which will soon adorn a super-exciting post... After a delicious lunch of samosas, salads and a cheese sandwich in M&S, we popped into Uniqlo where I was tempted to buy one fo their thermal tops, but I like to wear as little man-made fabric as possible so I passed them up in the end. We came all the way back down and despite missing out on BikBok and Selfridges, we still enjoyed ourselves a lot. I was curious to see the new Anthropologie, having been anticipating the opening in November, but we never did find in on Regent Street, where I must visit again very soon so I could look in more detail at the houses bunching in to warm themselves up, the lacework at the top like fairytale turrets, and perhaps climb up to take a midnight flight over the rooftops, so I have stars above and below me.

Finally, a spot of vintage shopping in Camden which included a beautiful sequinned top in scallops of shimmering pastels, muddly puddles and a joyous visit to H&M...I had a wonderful 17th, despite my growing fear of ageing.

On a parting note..the deadline to my Lula Giveaway has been extended! You now have until January the 15th to enter. I just wanted as many people to enter as possible, so if you have been hiding, please do come forth and leave your comment on this post! Please do stay tuned everyone, I want to share so, so much with you all <3


  1. wow, that is amazing news about Luella!

  2. Yay, happy about Luella! Thanks for sharing that!

    Wanted to ask: what do you mean about not wanting to wear man-made fabric? Isn't all fabric man-made? Cotton grows on trees, but then has to be made into yarn, which is then turned into fabric - the last two processes done by people. Same with silk... the silkworms make thread, but then that is turned into silk fabric by people as well! Or did you mean fabric that doesn't originate in nature? I feel quite bad about wearing silk because the silkworms are killed :(

    Oh and I've been to Anthropologie - it's quite far down Regent St if I remember correctly! I didn't think it was all that great, but it was sooo crowded!

    Glad you had a great birthday :D

  3. I'm so happy! I love Luella :)

  4. I'm glad you'r birthday(s) went so well :D

    I really would like to enter the giveaway ( here I can only get Lula by ordering it from the UK for much too much money). So my name: Karolina, email:
    and the link is something much cuter than a pretty picture! I stumbled along this site a few days ago :)

  5. Luella is relly cool, thanks for sharing that with us :)

  6. That's great about Luella, it would be horrible to have her gone. Oh and, happy bday!


  7. Where was I and why did I not know what was happening with Luella? But tis good news indeed. She has one of the dreamiest lines around without going overboard. ;)

    BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! There's something about spending the holidays outside the city that's always soo.. wonderful.


  8. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I too find re:stacks soothing, his voice is just lovely, dreamlike. I was in Bicester just before Christmas, unfortunately nothing bought apart from some Wolford tights! Glad to hear Luella is not completely finished, I am yet to own something from there!

    Fee x

  9. Thank goodness about Luella!

  10. OMG I am sooo happy about the Luella news! I was quite distraught!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)x

  11. awesome thing about luella =D

  12. I only just noticed that you are back. I'm so pleased because I love your blog.

  13. aaahhh i dream to go in the luella shop and spend all my money!

  14. oo very nice..
    xx-LJ from SOS!


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