Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I am aware I have not been posting. I am aware I am currently a disorganised mess. I am aware that I am working to improve this. I am aware that I owe you all an apology the size of a mansize kleenex tissue. More than aware.

I am aware I have been mumbling,
Along the cobbled street.
Left-right, half-drunk and stumbling
Will-o-the-wisp, wallflower, weed.

Aware that time is lost, days/hours
There's no tick tocking back, and no return, yet doubt did plant its seed

But somewhere it's uncoiled,
Somewhere it's started, rumbled,
I am aware:
Change here I come, take heed.


  1. Beautiful photos and words x

  2. Aww Thank youuu sooo much ! That's soo sweet of you :)
    Such pretty pictures ! you are so cute, and that wall is awesome !!

  3. Love these photos, that dress is beautiful!

  4. Wonderful pics! U look so adorable!

  5. You are absolutely adorable and you have such a great blog!

  6. love the outfit, love the hair, love everything about these photos.

    Dena x

  7. Love these photos. Floral dress + floral wallpaper = amazingness!

  8. beautiful words. I also think that whenever you get lost, you will find your way but stronger than before..

  9. Hello,

    Lovely pictures, I love your romantic style.

    See U !

    PS : thanx for your comment

  10. I'm in love with that dress you have on there. (:

  11. your photos are so beautiful. thank you for your really kind comment on my blog. words like those make me want to keep doing what i do.

  12. cute dress X


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