Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Just keep Bathing

Sometimes I think I heart England too much, especially when I visit places like this village in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside, where one could dip their feet in the river and stare at the tiny houses stacked atop one another for days on end.

That day was our last before we had to leave, and it was so,so perfect. My family are National Trust geeks at heart who never tire of slowly trotting our way around every possible crumbling building (thank god there are plenty of them) in this country, whether previously inhabited by Churchill, Hardy or Jane Austen. Thus, we found ourselves at the gates of Dyrwood Park (a property with a PARK filled with DEER, as the name doesn't at all suggest), where I:
♥ Listened to my mother play an antique piano in a magnificent hall
♥ Discovered a minuscule pond with a tres amusant family of frogs and toads who busied themselves with a game of water statues (just like musical statues but in water and without the music).
♥ Marvelled at length and came very close to attempting to eat numerous very realistic plastic food artefacts, including steak, cheesecake, onions and frighteningly plump chicken legs.
♥ Discovered the simple pleasures of Staring At Ceilings.

Then, we wanted to make the most out of a beautiful spring evening and drove off whilst munching on delicious date-and-almond (my favourite are cranberry and pecan, if you happen to ever struggle for a birthday present) Dorset Cereals chunky slices, to find ourselves in a place called Castlecombe. The rest, as they say, is history...

Dress, Vintage
Tights, Gift
Boots, Clarks
Belt, Vintage
Straw Boater, Amazon

P.S. Whatever you do, you cannot argue with me that a place with a house named "Unicorn Cottage" and a river so transparent you can see through the webbed wings of the millipedes is not heaven on earth. Ever.


  1. Beautiful pictures, you look very pretty!
    Sounds like you had an enchanting time...
    UO x

  2. cutest outfit i have seen in a very, very long time!

    kayleigh x

  3. So cute!

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Miskay jewellery GIVEAWAY!♥

    Good luck!

  4. oh, that village looks so beautiful and picture-esque <3 also, I love your outfit, the hat looks so lovely <3 xxx

  5. nice realy nice i realy love the location where u shot these photos :)


  6. love this outfit also the hat :)

    Kisses from France
    Olivia & Mariam


  7. loving the stripes girlie - great outfit x

  8. unicorn cottage?! haha such an awesome name!

  9. You look fab! Love the outfit. :)

  10. Wowww what a cool outfit! I love navy style! and what cute picsss!!!

  11. i love this look! the dress and the hat are such perfect pieces for a perfect day in a village.

  12. Love the vintage dress with those tights!!

  13. i love how you edit your photos, and that hat is to die for.

    (and yes yes yes, yes! staring at ceilings!)

  14. absolutely gorgeous outfit, can i please have your hair?! it's so gorgeous and so prety i am so jealous!!

  15. Love your boater hat and what a sweet outfit!


  16. wow, i love your hair and the boater and the pictures... wow

    and i live in prague ;) but for like three fourths of august i'm going to be in croatia and london :))

  17. woww...beautiful...thx for your recent comment :D,,,

    wanna follow each other??

  18. OMG !!Great look and beautifull pics i love your hair so much !!

  19. English country sailor-chic! Perfect!

    Thank you so much for your comment, what a lovely thing to say! No, I don't model - but what a flattering thing to ask, thank you!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  20. Great Outfit, You accessorized that dress perfectly. I love nautical dresses.


  21. Love these photos! The dress is lovely
    Following (:


  22. Oh I just love it-- like your parents, I am the American equivalent of a national trust nerd. I even have a towel featuring cats of national trust properties! I would love to visit historic english towns to see all the stone work and hundreds year old landscapes and streets. Also anyplace with the name "unicorn" (not used sarcastically of course) is precious.

  23. beautiful.


  24. Beautiful pictures, you look lovely. And thanks for the kind comment :) Check out Twilight or Up in the Air to discover who Anna Kendrick is. xxx

  25. how lovely and vintage!



  26. OMG!you look so pretty and charming...

    would you like to follow my blog? or link exchange may be? i'll so i preciate it honey... :)

    PS : your blog is already followed!

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  27. I love your Blog and the pictures are GORGEOUS!

    I always enjoy seeing new places as I have never been outside of the USA. My dream is to travel one day, but in the meantime, I do all of my traveling through blogs like yours.

    Thanks for stopping by my Blog...BTW that sunset picture was taken after I walked out of the grocery store. Luckily I had my camera in my car!

    **In Southern California the only place that doesn't really have smog is by the beach.

  28. thankyou lovely, i bought the lfloral eggings from cotton on body for only $5 :)

    such gprgeous photos and blog, one of my new faves for sure! that sailor style dress and straw hat are too cute, and i love your lace up boots. plus you have the most amazing hair! quite jealous....

  29. girly you are absolutely stunning. that second photo is my favourite! has anyone ever told you you look like peaches geldof?
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  30. you look so pretty! love your hat!

  31. Hi Sonia, came here to reply to your sweet comment (thank you).
    If you click thru (on my post) on YSL or rings, that's their online site (aren't I nice to them? : ) - I'm not sure if that exact model is still there but there are similar ones. They're not cheap cheap - about $200 USD range - but still so much cheaper than things like their bags!

    Oh btw just voted for you - I'm 23rd, my favourite number! Good luck, hope you win ; )

  32. p.s. forgot to say: LOVE that look!!

  33. your outfit is adorable and sound like you had a wonderful time :D

  34. Ohmygosh... that dress is so beautiful! I love the stripes!

  35. Cute outfit!! I've been looking for a boater hat since forever.

    Oh! BTW, I voted for you. Hope you win! :)

  36. The pictures are amazing! The lighting is actually so amazingly magnificient and soft and serene! This looks like such a nice place! Wow definitely enchanting.


  37. these photos are beautiful!
    and you look so nice in them!
    also, I voted for you, good luck :D
    just found your blog, and it's lovely :-)
    much love

  38. Awe, I love England! I wish I could go back there some day! I really liked your outfit :).

  39. It looks absolutely beautiful! Your eyes are really pretty. I also like the neckline on your dress, sailor-esque?

  40. OMG your dress is just perfect...

    Your blog is really nice, lot of beautiful pictures, it's a pleasure to watch them :)

  41. such gorgeous outfit, love your whole look and long gorgeous hair. Thanks for dropping by. Stay in touch.



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