Monday, 5 April 2010

The Trees Have Listened

Two Sundays back I visited Home with my family. I took a walk through the woods, stood on the marble staircase and felt my hair rise in the breeze. Aslan let me ride on his back but when he turned to stone I realised it was time to go. What a shame.

Stone Bridge, Stone Globe and Roman Temple
Tall boys with windswept hair they rule the fields;
My family and I they warmly welcomed
The leaves curled inwards and pianos singed.

Wandering through, along the river's path
Lay something Dead. its breath
Stung me like nettle soup.
a withered "ahh" on glass, it disappeared and gasped
Ripples of water - two,three,four - and mute
Gazes of passers-by on branches without wood.

The morning dew slivered with spring romance
And it was joy, and it was assonance.

Sailor Coat, Topshop
Oatmeal Cardigan, thrifted
Denim Tiered Dress, H&M
Specked Tights, gift
Boots, Clarks


  1. Amazing pic and I really love Ur sailor coat from TOPSHOP: :)

  2. you look so pretty in these photos!

    I <3 Aslan. x

  3. I just LOVE that coat... I'm so sad I missed out on it! You look incredably beautiful :)

    Aya ♥

  4. Oh my gosh these pictures are just so magical! I've missed your posts, so glad to see you back again :)

  5. beautiful, beautiful.

    i'd kill to live where you do and look like that :)

  6. the first photo is so especially stunning

  7. I just happened upon your blog, and I truly adore it :) Oh and that sailor coat is beyond lustworthy! *love it* Am following!

    Love love love,



  8. Wow, love that bridge shot. It just looks lovely!
    Love the tights and the shoes, too

  9. Your blog is lovely these photos are incredible and you look so pretty in them. Honestly, I love this. xx

  10. These are breathtaking. Where in the world do you live? It looks magical!

  11. This is wonderful! Your photos are gorgeous, particularly the last one! I love your outfit, very sweet and the flower clip is a nice touch :)

  12. omg these photos and outfits are all gorgous! def should get lookbook if you don't have it already!

  13. Beautiful pictures, the last one is so magical.

  14. oh, you look so beautiful dear, i am in love with your outfit, i'm rather jealous of your beautiful sailor coat. also, the setting looks so lovely and magical too ♥

  15. my my, i like you.

    i think perhaps we are actually "hair twins", you see-- although your hair is ten thousand times more spectacular than mine.

    let's talk soon <3


  16. You have the most fantastic hair. These photos are so romantic, I love it.

  17. you always take photos in such beautiful locations. I love them all, and your tights and coat are gorgeous.

  18. So Romantic pictures, I really like it!
    Thank you for visiting my blog & hope see you again

  19. Your photos are so wonderful and soo beautiful. I adore that very first photo of you.

    Thank you for your super sweet comment, it really made my day and I am glad that you love my blog. It definitely keeps me going knowing that there are people out there who appreciate my blog :)

    I am adding you onto my blogroll!

  20. you have gorgeous hair!
    great outfit, especially the nautical coat :)

  21. Hi there!
    OMG I can't believe I saw you yesterday- you're even prettier in real life ^_^

    I was up ahead of you in the queue (and waved like mad for a mo' then gave up)

    Hope you got a callback thumpsup!

  22. Beautiful pictures! I love your hair, it's amazing!

  23. thx for commenting! :)

    nice blog!

  24. Oh God where is this place, it looks beautiful!!!

  25. It's really quite astounding, and you're so beautiful!

  26. Thank you all, you are far too kind.

    Anonymous: OHHHMY that's amazing, why on earth didn't you come up and say hi? This is honestly the coolest thing ever, I've never been recognised by a reader before :D Did you get a callback? xxx


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