Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dark, Dark Tale

Lo and behold, my new nightie dress from Topshop. It was on sale and pretty, which justifies an otherwise unjustifiable purchase...anyone else notice the ke-razy pricing recently? I mean, it's always been overpriced, but for the original £55 price tag it could've been made at least partially of a more luxurious fibre than cheapy viscose - i.e. silk. And the sailor coat I bought? All of the buttons have now fallen off; I am now having to force my poor shivering hands to crawl out of the pockets and ensure optimal coat-body connection. And the buttons had pretty anchors *sadface*. Just sayin', Topshop, if you make such lust-worthy clothing at such turn-off pricing, you could at least make it of better quality than Sir Philip Green's doormat. But ho hum, for all I know it could be made of spun gold encrusted with diamonds; of a man who spends $50 000 000 on a b-day bash on the Maldives with a "few" close friends, anything can be expected. Maybe he's bribing good old British Standards Institute to avoid all the quality checks, with doormats of similar nature. But I digress; is it really obvious from this post that I've recently taken my AS textiles exam? I was really frightened of it but it turned out to be an absolute breeeeze of the breeziest variety. Apart from a rather embarrassing moment where I got the care symbols for "do not bleach" and "do not dry clean" mixed up. Even with my cheating when I sneaked a glance at the care label of this very dress..... deary deary. But I finished on a high note (or shall I say, buttonhole) and waffled lots about bloggers and online fashion communitiez and victorian ladies not being allowed to expose their ankles, so it's all gravy. I would show you my final garment but it's plus horrifique, srsly. Maybe just a sketch will suffice, when the coursework gets back from moderation...

It really is a relief to get back to blogging as most of my exams have now been and gone, with just the dreaded English coming up after half term...but never fear, I shall acquaint myself with the darling butchie that is Carol Ann Duffy (or even become best buds) and I am sure I will be a happy bunny in August. Speaking of which, less than 2 months until I sail off to Lake Garda! 2 measly months! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK :D :D

It's been larvly to catch up with y'all, but now I must get back to revision. Pinky promise more outfit posts as this is my free week, hip hip hooray! Oh, and before I go, do you like my new Mulberry Alexa? Just kidding, of course, have£695dustinroundme?never, it's a vintage Freecycled baby and I think it is a worthy alternative. It's an antique and really good quality, wish Freecycle posted those every day instead of chicken poo and nappy stackers (I kid you not)...

Dress, Topshop

Ribbed Tights, T.K.Maxx
Boots, Clarks

Vintage Bag, Freecycled

Pilot Hat, H&M


  1. LOVE!!! You always look so cute!!! :D
    And ugh on the buttons falling off!!!

  2. You Freecycled that bag?! That is amazing! Go you. It's lovely!

    And agree about Topshop, too much money for too little quality. Although the dress is very pretty on you.

    Also Lake Garda!! I love it there. I went on holiday with my parents a couple of years ago, aall around Tuscany and ending up in Lake Garda and it is the most beautiful place! So jealous, you'll have a brilliant time!

  3. AMAZING PHOTOS. so gorgeous and the lighting looks perfect. i'm glad the dress was on sale, cause i love it! look great with the grey + lace up's x

  4. I love these photos so much!
    And I've got the same coat as you I think... The sailor one? Well, if you've still got the buttons they're really easy to sew back on, and they haven't fallen off since I've done it (:


  5. Why are you so beautiful??? I LOVE that dress. But I totally agree about Topshop's pricing. They have some lovely items but definitely not worth the price tag for the quality. I've completely stopped shopping there!

  6. what a winner outfit! but the scary faces you're pulling scares me :p

  7. Hello,

    This dress is sooo Alison Goldfrapp, I love !

    Your face on the third picture is amazing !

    See U !

  8. your dress is gorgeous!! the photos are so pretty too


  9. really wonderful!!
    loving your blog, keep it up!
    and thanks for your sweet comment, means the world!


  10. I really think the majority of topshop is overpriced.. it's nice clothing but not the best quality all the time. I really like your dress though, it's quite lovely.


  11. That dress is magical. I love the light feel it portrays.

    Stop by & take a ride through Newport Beach, California (USA- THE OC). I posted some pictures from our weekend.

  12. i love the rawness of these images

    thanks for your comment, I WISH I WAS like clemence posey or had some kind of coolness like erin wasson, but your comment was really sweet
    i've been feeling a bit "bleh" lately and it was really nice of you :)

  13. Thanks for your comment!

    I discovered your blog, I love your universe, you're very atypical !

    Sorry for my english

    Bonne continuation!

  14. Your such a beauty :-)
    Love the shirt, you look totally radd! And thanks for commenting on my post! It makes me very happy :D

    Panda xx

  15. Woops, meant dress, hahah.
    Panda xx

  16. My gosh, you look amazing. I'm totally following. ;)


  17. Darling photos!

    I, too, overlooked the care tag on a pair of dark teal velvet Dolce & Gabbana trousers. Whoever handled them at the laundry did it well, because they are still in tact and look very much the same. Alas, they are still in my "to-get-tailored" pile of clothes!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, btw. I figured out your URL after one word was typed into the website box as "apes" instead of "tapes". I will take your note regarding the purple gown as encouragement to post a full outfit sometime in the future. Cheers!

  18. We really love your outfit!! you look great!!

  19. great outfit! and beautiful photos;)


  20. the dress is so pretty, i love the color and the cut! i love the bag as well, very classic.

  21. nice photos, you look like a lovely doll!


  22. I love that dress.
    It's such a shame that Topshop's quality doesn't really match the prices though.

  23. That is such a cute dress.:)SarahD


  24. I've got FANTASTICAL news for you darling!
    Remember when you asked where you could get an iPhone for less than $100?

    "So what's our lineup look like? 3GS is now $99"

    As i said, with they new iphone out, now 3GS is waaaay cheaper! and you dont even have to buy it secondhand! brand new!!

    welcome to the Mac side ;)


  25. Wow, these photos really remind me of Theda Bara (there's a photo set on flickr). I couldn't stop staring at her pictures when I first saw them. Strikingly beautiful (like you).
    Oh and I 110% agree with the Topshop thing. I don't particularly buy much from the high street anymore for assorted reasons but one being that the quality doesn't match up in my mind. I look at stuff & calculate I could make it cheaper & better!
    And you should definitely share your work! I for one love seeing what other people create.

  26. Your vintage bag is really lovely !

  27. great outfit and photos! come follow me http://www.fashioniceice.blogspot.com xoxo


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