Monday, 7 June 2010

H!enry makes me wanna Run In Fields

Psst: my English Literature exam's tomorrow and I'm supposed to be revising but I'm writing this post instead; aren't I a rebellious creature? To be honest, I've done a fair bit already so a little prolonged break won't hurt...cos' Dina said so. I guess I was just a wee bit too excited to control my desire to share with you the wonderful wonderfulness (English revision gives you such wide vocabulary you become slightly jealous of yourself) that was the Debenhams H! by Henry Holland event...

So the laaarvly folks over at Debenhams kindly let me tag along to a little viewing session at their Oxford Street store of the new H!by Henry Holland High Summer collection, which could only be described as wild'n'wonderful! Prints in eye-wateringly bright colours and unexpected juxtaposition of patterns, khaki/denim galore and basics with a twist all greeted a flustered, frizzy-haired me in the personal shopping area...At first I wasn't too sure on the frenzied colour scheme but probably only because it was all there in one place, but when I started sifting through and saw each piece individually it definitely worked. There were lots of great pieces including some giraffe print leggings, floral jersey blazers, khaki trews and slouchy tees with loud prints, perfect for lazing around on a hot summer's day... The icing on the cake was that we were generously allowed to take home two of our favourite pieces, and after many a dilemma I finally settled on this fun jumpsuit and a maxidress very much in the theme of the current utility trend!

I tried on a size 10 and it fit like a glove, even though I'm more than "blessed" in the, ahem, chest department. The lines in this jumpsuit make for a super-flattering fit, and I loved it so much I wore it to a family outing in a countryside meadow, followed by a friend's barbeque. The photos did not turn out very good I'm afraid, as the parents are still a wee bit rusty with the old DSLR (repeat after me: half press to focus before you take it mum...), you can see more photos here and on Kirsty's adorable blog as she got the same one! It was fantastic to finally meet her, Carina from Carina100, Reena from Fashion Daydreams, Fiona from Save Our Shoes, Amy from Wolf Whistle and of course Selina from Flying Saucer who I frightened a bit when I went "ooooooh, SELINAAAA" instead of a proper greeting (shabby first impressions galore, I'm so sorry!)...

Floral Playsuit, courtesy of Debenhams
Leather plimsoles, Vintage via Rokit
Pastel Socks, gift

Jewel headband, Bicester Village


  1. Not a shabby first impression at all.jumpsuit looks good!
    best of luck in english lit.
    xx fi

  2. I agree with Fi, not at all shabby! Love the photos, you're Mum's better than me! Cx

  3. like your outfit :D really
    you doing own your style and all of them are matched well !

    I'm a fashion photographer.
    visit to see my archive on my blog :D

  4. lovely pics the dress is so cute. and the pics like that in the nature with trees flowers love love it!

  5. Really cute romper! You are the prettiest thing ever <3

  6. i love the photos in the fields

    you did a good job with your blog :)
    i will visit u as soon as i can again.

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    I try to show my readers and visitors all the new styles and inspirations,not in words.Only in pictures. So have a look.

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  7. such beautiful scenery... i really love these photos. ethereal.

  8. not scared at all, loved meeting you! you looked just as good, even better, as all your photos on here, you're outfit was sososo great!!xxxx

  9. Wow!! These are amazing photos!! I adore your style! xoxoxoxoo

  10. Beautiful pictures! Your blog is just gorgeous lovely

    Miss B xx

  11. Your pictures are Magical!

    Stop by & check out this video of people appearing to float in mid air...sooo cool!

  12. Great post! Love your look..

  13. that 6th photo is my absoloute favourite

  14. oh, your outfit is just so lovely and the setting for the photos is so, so beautiful too oh, the flowers, the woods, the feather <3 <3 <3

  15. wow, nice photos! and such a lovely place.

  16. beautiful pictures. this place is a dream! like a fairy-tail!

  17. Hi darling came across your blog and loved it! Love the outfits and you are a very engaging writer :)

    Check out my blog at

    it may be of interest to you i think!

  18. I think my favourite are the third and fifth photos - those close ups are very pretty too. I totally understand the feeling that certain clothes evoke, to just run around or climb trees!
    I also felt llike that after watching 'Where the wild things are'.
    Good light in the photos, it compliments the clothes very well.

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

  19. really beautiful photos x


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