Sunday, 10 October 2010

Stripes, Macarons and Carry-ons

A Belgian Laduree?

This post is part of my back-to-school resolution programme to be more organised and post more often...I've just had a complete re-jig of all my A-Level subjects, having had an epiphany at the end of last year that I won't be as passionate as I thought taking English Literature at university than Art, and that I missed the latter uncontrollably. Suddenly, I couldn't believe how I could ever find visits to galleries and museums boring, and over the summer I've become a ravenous artpig, devouring the Ashmolean, Pitt Rivers, Tate, the Dresden Art Gallery with such ferocity I'm a little bit scared the dinosaur skeletons and the Sistine Madonna are still standing... so I dropped two of my A-Levels (one very reluctantly) to take Art in one year. I shall withhold the details, just in case you're about to watch the X-Failtor (this will be the first and last reference to that dismal programme on this blog...although "Abbe & Leesaaa" was to date one of the most hilarious things in ma lyf) and don't want to be held up any longer... Just, in a nutshell, life's been majorly chaotic; I don't know when I'll next have time to blog but hopefully it will be soon. Oh I forgot to mention - after becoming really, really agitated and worked up about my results, upon my arrival at home I found out that I got 4 As! And a D in General Studies, but then again I've never been in possession of a lot of info on the impact of glass buildings and waste on society...

My sister took these photos of me in Namur, Belgium, where we spent the night on the drive back from the Czech Republic (we are yet to master doing it in one day). It's a shame we never spent more time there, as the riverside houses were a dream. Just can't get over how versatile this top is, I don't think I'll leave it alone for a laaang time! Oh, and I'm more than aware that those boots figurate in almost every bloomin' outfit post I do, it's just that I really have a shoe crisis atm, they are one of about 2.5 wearable pairs that I own....oh woe. I've been really into headscarves recently too, having been inspired by the turbands that have been springing up all over the place (note the lovely Jazmine right here), hence the weird concoction around my head (approximately 445602 more tries before I get it right...).

It is Papa's birthday today and I must make myself scarce before Mama's signature apple pie is all gone. Til' next time!
Striped crop top, Reserved,
Denim shorts, Firetrap
Boots, Clarks
Headscarf, vintage


  1. your results were amazing! well done (: and massive good luck with art. trust me, i didn't ever think it would happen, but i miss it so, so much right now. a level art is so fun! (well, when you're not under the "omg the exam is next week and i still don't know what i'm doing" pressure)
    and those boots are lush, i wear a pair of shoes nigh on constantly until they die a very noble death... and then move onto the next pair.

  2. Wow congrats on your results! Lovely pictures too.

  3. these pictures are gorgeous. really gorgeous.

  4. I love these photos! :D And congrats on your results!!
    Happy Birthday to your dad!

  5. Congratulations on your results! I got a D in general studies also, but pffft. who needs it anyway.
    I just wondered if you do anything special to your hair to make it look so amazing. Major hair envy over here.

  6. Very very well done with your amazing results!
    Ah, I'm sure you will be very happy in the end you have decided to take art: if you are passionate about a subject you will enjoy it so much more!
    Lovely setting for your shots; looks a dream.
    UO x

  7. I really love these pictures, plus Belgium is an amazing place ! I went to Brussels this summer : AMAZING !

    Love the top too

    See U !

  8. Hello !

    Thanks so much for your comment, this kind of things are so cool in blogging ! Really thank U !

    See U !

  9. thank you so much! :)
    your blog is lovely too, these pictures are absolutely beautiful, i love the lightning.
    xxx isabel

  10. Congratulationnn!!!

    btw.... ur Top so awesome..! ^^

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  11. Oh I love these pictures! They're so gorgeous. And I adore your outfit.

    You're so lovely :)

  12. Aww, darling these pictures are adorable! And the fact that you could take them at that wonderful place is fantastic. Yes, the riverside cottages look adorable.

    Have a wonderful day!


  13. these are such gorgeous pictures.<3

  14. Hi!

    love love love the blog!! :)


    please email with your size and choice of shoe!

    love kerry

  15. beautiful pictures! Love the stripes. And great results ;D.

    Glad I found your blog. Followin' for sure ;D

  16. Lovely photographs, and congratulations on those amazing results, that's brilliant! x

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  18. Oh my god!
    001. AMAZING RESULTS! well done!!!
    002. These photos are beautiful, do you use a film camera?

    Oh, and the big news has just been announced in my new post! & Thanks for you ultra sweet comment! Panda xo

  19. I love those pics !! <3 crazy


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