Thursday, 21 October 2010

A makeshift sea will do...

So many "water-feature" posts but I cannot's just too lovely to photograph! It's funny because I literally have not a single room in my house that I can take photos in, I wish our house interior looked like it came straight out of a Laura Ashley/Cath Kidston catalogue, but alas, no such occurrences planned for the foreseeable future. Like I sang at a recent Les Miserables audition: I dreamed a dream in times gone byyyyyy *choke*.

That is why I have so few posts with outfit photos taken in or around my actual dwelling-place. Believe me, I have tried long and hard; I have the loveliest wallpaper in my bedroom but the furniture arrangement is thus that it is near impossible to take a full length photo with my permanently zoomed-in lens (one of the downfalls of the "nifty 50", I do still love it a lot), note to self: must. buy. remote. Camera balancing on myriads of stacked books, tripod, chairs, my music standyounameiti'vetriedit all deemed futile, I'm sure we've all got a pleasant camera balancing story to tell...

The point, for believe it or not there is one in this waffly knackered-as-hell Monday evening post, is that I always make the most of photographing opportunities when I do venture out once in a while. I've always moaned about not having any pretty locations to shoot at within close proximity of my house, so you can imagine my elation when I suddenly discovered some lakes all of a 5-minute bike ride away! I couldn't wait to show my sister (as we both have a penchant for water features), and we finally ventured down with Pa last weekend for an idyllic walk in the streaming golden sun, blowing dandelions and swan-watching and wading through goose poo, it really was most wondrous :)

Cat Print Dress, Zara
Cable-knit jumper, Vintage from Camden
Tights, gift
Shoes, thrifted
Locket necklace, gift

P.S. Shoe crisis slowly dissolving... Mama picked up these mint condition M&S beauties in a local charity shop for £3...I heart her for it.

P.P.S. She said the photos look like we are right by the sea. It made me miss tasting the waves on my lips so terribly.


  1. it's such a lovely location! i hope you take this as a compliment (because it's meant as one), these photos really remind me of the kind that you'd find in a jack wills catalogue - lovely (: xo

  2. I agree with Rebecca!


  3. Such beautiful pictures and I love that cat dress so much x

  4. did you get my email about winning the tickets?

    please get back to me :) x

  5. These are such lovely, dreamy pictures. I'm absolutely smitten with that cat print dress + the cable knit jumper. You look so perfectly casual, so elegantly comfortable :)

  6. its so amazing how you can work your hair so effortlessly well mine drives me crazy! these photos are amazing! love the vintage jumper! im such a knitwear slut right now, can't get enough of it :)

    amazing blog ;)

  7. You look adorable here! Really love the shoes (go Mum!) and the jumper.


  8. Beautiful photos as usual! I love the effect :) And I love the outfit, and in reply to your comment, you were so right, you CAN TELL THE FUTURE haha. Thanks for your lovely comment (as usual :P) I just did a new post with some photography, you might like it? Panda xo

  9. The coat in the second pic is really great! Great pictures also :) And thanks for your lovely comment!!!

    Just Like a True Star

  10. those outfits are really cute..I like the cardigan a lot. Btw thanks for your comment on my blog it was really nice :)

  11. I love jackets from the 4th picture. And your hair are beautiful :)

  12. What beautiful photos and lovely location. The stockings and shoes look completely like something I would wear. :)

    I love this time of year! And really any indoor photos are hard...but I am going to try to broaden my scope come Winter to take good photos indoors.


  13. aww these are cute :)


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  14. this place looks pretty! i love the mood in these photos. seriously. i have no place indoors where i could take photos and now when its really cold all my outfit photos look the same because i have only like 2 warm jackets. that's one reason why im not so into posting outfits at the moment :)

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