Wednesday, 6 October 2010

See you when I sail back in my boat

Photos from Lake Garda in Italy back in July. Breezy boat rides across the lake, frame of towering mountains, seagulls flying in triangles, sun shadows on green hills, narrow cobbled streets with fresh flowers on every window, diving head-first into freezing pools, listening to a roaring waterfall millimetres away, my choir singing in a riverside concert, visiting aquariums with nebulaic jellyfish, a sea of sparkling lights floating in the valley at night. I won't be lying when I say I'm going back.

Boat print tee, River Island
Denim shorts, Firetrap
Belt, car boot sale
Flip flops, Hollister


  1. gorgeous pics so natural love your outfit !

  2. i loveeeee your hair <3
    and you make the place sound idyllic, i really want to visit now (: xo

  3. the place sounds gorgeous, you describe it so beautifully!
    also, i love love love the tiny sailboats on your shirt.

  4. These photos are so dreamy and gorgeous! I love the way the boats on your top go perfectly with the water in the background. So lovely :)


  5. oh gosh, what beautiful pictures and your boat print top is a dream

  6. Looks amazing. Way better than dreary London today!

    Sally from Louder Than Silence x

  7. Darling, these pictures are beautiful! The scenery is breathtaking and it sounds like such a magical time. I long to travel all over Europe someday! And Italy is definitely in my list of where to go. :)

    I followed your blog and love it, maybe you could follow mine and we could be blog buddies!


  8. What a gorgeous T-Shirt! Must have one! And love the photography. x

  9. мне тоже нравится!))

  10. Lovely! I adore your shirt.

  11. thank u so much for your sweet comment! You have a lovely blog too, defenitley gonna follow u...:)
    xxx Marilena

  12. i love this image:



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