Friday, 19 February 2010

And with her arms spread open wide, she mimed 'Hello".

One day, it was decided, would be monochrome. After a thorough wardrobe cleanse, I uncovered my trusted H&M tapered trousers, grabbed the little black bowler and was out of the door. OK, so the outfit is not entirely black and white but I still got told I looked like a mime at school which kind of (very much) made my day! In fact, if this outfit is to be repeated I will be sure to wear some gloves, one black and one white for full effect. I had second thoughts later and added this lovely berry-coloured cardigan for a splash of colour - and warmth! I brought it on sale at work for just £11 and it turned out to be such a lovely little investment - it goes with everything and I cannot get enough of the berry colour at the if I don't go on about that enough on this blog...

Expect an edit of this post in the morning as I have a special little announcement...meanwhile, I am off before I collapse from fatigue on my keyboard!

Bowler Hat, Topshop
Striped tee, GAP (thrifted)
Trousers, H&M
Boots, Clarks
Cardigan, Hollister