Saturday, 28 August 2010

Where branches catch the Will'O'Wisps, the fairies dance.

or maybe just a girl who loves burying her face in leaves and picking wild wild mushrooms.

Dress, Topshop

Tights, gift from Mama

Floral plimsoles, my sister's

Monday, 16 August 2010

Lemonade, Unicorns and Salzburg PART II

Some more photos from Salzburg, and another outfit I dreamed up with the beautiful blazer. I cannot wait to finally, finally acquire a satchel so I can create an outfit that will enable me to pretend to be a 1960s girl on my way to school. Speaking of which, would anyone care to gift me this one for September?

Blazer, vintage courtesy of Make Lemonade Vintage
Rabbit Tee, Topshop
Skirt, thrifted
Tights, thrifted
Shoes, £1 from Brantano

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lemonade, Unicorns and Salzburg

Ever been faced with the luminous prospect of an entire summer ahead of you, and not knowing what to occupy yourself with first? This year, I have found salvation in what my friend called a "journey of discovery" - a road trip around Europe with my family. The idea sprung like dandelions on a freshly cut lawn, when it was agreed I would go on a week-long tour with my local music service playing concerts around Lake Garda, Italy, and my parents would stealthily follow suit (well, as stealthily as an elephantine Toyota people-carrier can manage...). After the tour concluded, we lingered a while before heading to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic...

These photos were taken by my sister and I in Salzburg, where we were painfully pressed for time. My mum was very keen to visit, as it is oft referred to as the home of music, having given birth to insignificant local celebrities, such as a little white-haired boy called something like Mozart, and Strauss. In true perplexed tourist fashion (a.k.a. not knowing where to look first), we stumbled across a fairytale palace, complete with a park with a fountain that rolled its eyes/stuck its tongue out at you, real wildcats glaring at us from the thickets, a mechanical theatre and a park complete with unicorn statues. In short, it was the perfect location to capture a vintage Daks blazer gifted by the delightful Emete at Make Lemonade Vintage, who offered to send it over and what could I do but happily oblige! It is one of those pieces that, once effortlessly thrown on, really makes an outfit - the fabric has a splendidly scholarly air with the subtle plaid, and the french blue goes with near enough everything in my wardrobe. If you haven't heard of Make Lemonade yet, I urge you to pay a visit as the pieces are brilliant and the prices even more so! It may well well crop up on this blog again so make sure you stay tuned.


Double-breasted blazer, Vintage courtesy of Make Lemonade
White Rabbit Tee, Topshop
Skirt, car boot sale
Two tone tights, gift from Karl Lagerfeld
Boots, Clarks
Headband, Antique lace
Bag, freecycled vintage
Scarf, vintage