Friday, 17 September 2010

The answer is blowing in the wind

These photos were taken in a stunning town by the name of Bayreuth, where we ventured at some point in our one-and-a-half month long road trip around Europe this summer (as mentioned in this post). Immediately after we arrived, it struck me how quiet everything was; that, along with a plethora of bikes and endearing architecture, caused me to excitedly observe that it was much like a German Cambridge! We visited a palace decorated partly in Italian style, with scrumptious pastel rooms in all the shades of the sherbet rainbow, and what turned out to be an astounding paradise of a park - I mean, it was so Mary Poppins. The lighting was a tad bland, y'know, just the usual golden fairy stuff that makes for pathetically beautiful photos. I can't believe I used that horrible, cliche word, but now it's done I might as well use it again: it. was. beautiful.
Take me back there any day... although I would be really upset if I learn that horse swing that was obviously intended for a child less obese than me has broken. It would be partly my fault.

On an un-related note, the top I am wearing in the photos was bought in the superbly inexpensive Zara-like shop Reserved for about £4, and it seriously goes with absolutely everything. I once read an Alexa Chung "Style Tips" feature in a magazine where she said if you love something, you should buy lots of it. So, so regretting I didn't listen to that voice of wisdom right now. Have you ever owned an item of clothing that you just wore to death because it was so versatile? The idea of investing in things that last has really grown on me in the past few months and I am in need of ideas; those scrumptious grey Alexander Wang jumpers look like a good place to start!

Oh, and, this was the view as we drove back to Czech Republic. Or maybe just the set of "Where The Wild Things Are".

Striped Top, Reserved
Shorts, Thrifted
Plimsoles, vintage
Scarf, vintage
Bag, thrifted