Friday, 7 October 2011

A View from Krumlov

Having a bit of a whirlwind week, so here are some lovely summery photos to cheer up your autumn evening soon-to-be-morning. Isn't this always the way? Putting up photos from god-knows-when when you have truthfully nothing to post because all you've been thinking of is UCAS, personal statements, more UCAS, more personal statements, when can I watch the next episode of Downton Abbey as a reward... Anyway, I'll rant later, because right now, it is way past my bedtime. Behold Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO-listed site, protected not only by the latter organisation but also by some lovely, lovely bears. It was one of those I-feel-like-I'm-turning-into-a-muffin hot days, but it was far too amazing to sit down and feel exhausted! Well worth the four hour drive from Karlovy Vary, oh yes...On the way back, I witnessed what could only be described as a skydome littered with stars. To say it left me quite breathless would be nothing at all.

Post to be updated with further photos upon awakening.

Boat print tee, River Island
Shorts, GAP, thrifted
Belt, vintage
Headband, Zara
Necklace, gift
Tote bag, Past Times
Handbag, thrifted

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  1. seriously these picture are stunning!
    lovely outfit and lovely post!
    makes me want to go on vacation :)


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