Wednesday, 11 January 2012

"Instant" Outfit

It's a pity that you cannot see my outfit properly in this shot, taken with a friend's Fujifilm Instax (a perfect alternative to a Polaroid instant camera, since the film is in regular production and a lot more reasonably priced!), but I am posting it anyway because I love the light. The jumper - you can just about make this out - is a clashing battle of turquoise and burgundy, a sensationally lucky charity shop find at 99p. With a bit of mending on my mother's part, it was ready to wear and I cannot get enough of it, when it does finally get cold. Underneath, a simple cream silk blouse from A Most Marvellous Place to Shop, my newest discovery that lives up to its equally marvellous name two hundred percent. (Think amalgamation of vintage stalls, homewares, a gallery and cafe housed under one roof, and you won't be far off the mark.) While the quality is truly terrible due to me being unable to scan properly, the glint is my favourite Gogo Philip key around my neck. Again.

Two-tone sweater, vintage
Silk blouse, vintage
Jeans, GAP
Brogues, thrifted
Necklace, c/o Gogo Philip


  1. oh i've been wanting to do a little research on those cameras! i'v been wanting one myself for a pretty long time!
    the outfit still looks cute i love the collar and sweater combo. one of my faves :)

  2. cute! love this :)


  3. My friend got one of the cameras with a film off ebay for something ridiculous like £10 as they'd misspelt it "figufilm". Words cannot explain my envy. He took loads of photos at a party last summer and still hasn't put them on facebook! I just want to see how inevitably awful they are. And you look mega cute, I want that jumper (and for the same price please) xxx


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