Friday, 13 January 2012

Material Possessions

Cleaning out your sister's bedroom doesn't sound too decorous, especially when it involves rummaging in her wardrobe and chest of drawers. Before you all shun me, allow me to explain: in our house, there is an utter lack of space for clothes, which seem to almost permeate through walls and ceilings. Countless trips to car boot sales, charity shops and vintage fairs, hand-me-downs and samples all contribute to the wardrovalanche and general problem of storage, so we disperse clothing evenly(even if it does not directly belong to the family member in said room)!

Occasionally, when I am low on funds but high in desire of a new dress, I wander into a room and scour the place for something new to wear (it is surprisingly easy to forget what you have). On this occasion, I discovered the dress I am wearing in the photos with a squeal of excitement; I truly had not remembered seeing it before. My mum sniggered a little bit, because apparently it was originally a housecoat from Soviet Russia. Me being me, I protested that no-one over here will know, so I trust you all to keep it to yourselves...

Conversely, my little "hunts" around the house have also left me horrified at just how many unwanted items we own, clogging up/drowning our house. My mum and I have therefore joined forces in getting rid of it all, mostly by donating to charities and selling on eBay, in hope that someday we may breathe freely again! Having combed through my own wardrobe, I realised I own very little clothing that fits in with my style aesthetic/is of decent quality. Other blogs always make me a little wistful - as if the owners have an inexhaustible tunnel, connected underground to Net-a-Porter and the like, which regurgitates an unending stream of clothes! Every post parades a new acquisition, which isn't a problem - it's how expensive it is... I do not judge these bloggers at all; after all, that's what makes them so interesting. But nonetheless, having recently received the greatest ever gift - a place to read English at my first choice university, I've gone off material possessions. For a few days, at least. Then I'll be back to normal.

Blazer, vintage via Superette Rummage Sale
Dress, vintage
Beret, Cath Kidston
Tights, Jack Wills
Brogues, thrifted vintage
Owl brooch, vintage


  1. I can sympathise - being a magpie has it's downfalls, the hoarding being the most inevitable!

    Jem xXx

  2. WHICH UNIVERSITY??? Sorry, I realise this is a bit over the top, but I'm so excited for you! Well done chicka (:
    On a slightly shallower note, yes, it is a little upsetting to see people wearing ChloƩ this and APC that, but in a way it's a lot more fun when you're on a tighter budget, you do unexpected things (like wear a soviet housecoat as a dress, what?) xxx

  3. so beautiful, I have just read your post on peter jensen :) love him!

  4. Ohh, I truly adore your dress - the print is incredible! <3 and I love the brooch you paired with it - I am an avid brooch wearer too (especially animal brooches!)

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  5. very cool! love it :)


  6. God, the idea of walls permeating the clothes seems oddly recognisable! I wonder why... I have a similar problem, in that my clothes are like some kind of fast-growing climber plant - coats expanding in number outside my room, while shoes sprout on the display in my window. The growing analogies are endless! Similarly, I clear out occasionally with separate piles for charity shops and eBay. But with the former, I unfortunately buy much more than I ever give back (like a reverse trade deficit!)
    Your housecoat is gorgeous - with the backstory just adding more character. You have such a striking face too. Oh, I must post those photos from LFW! Too many photos, too many exams to take up my free time... And that uni place really is a gift. Hope I'll be in your position soon. Are you going to the next LFW?

  7. Congrats on the uni place!!

    I love your dress/housecoat, the colouras are lovely, and very you.

  8. Love it !!!


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