Wednesday, 18 January 2012



Didn't expect me to wear one of those, did you? Sometimes, I surprise even myself. Originally, this gilet was bought to be worn at the rink, solely for training purposes... What attracted me to Fat Face's version was the modest yet practical design: no flashy logos (dare I utter the J.W. word), no extortionate pricing, natural material content (the sound of Nylon alone makes me wanna vom), lovely navy colour and w-a-r-m-t-h. Down feather, anyone? Yes, despite being silly and buying a Size 14 which makes me a big puffy beast, I wear it everywhere now because it is so impossibly toasty. Coats are wonderful but, when you're like me and over-fill your school/uni bag with heavy Zenit film cameras and tripods and vintage books, you appreciate not having to lug around an extra few kilos on your shoulders. Besides, it somehow fits almost seamlessly with most of my wardrobe. Still not convinced? Just look at these Penfield cuties...

I am very interested to know if any of you have a "guilty pleasure" item that you wear out of comfort and not style? Kindly post your confessions below - don't worry, they are safe in my hands!

Feather down gilet, Fat Face
Oatmeal fairisle jumper, Czech flea market (10 FREAKING PENCE!)
Silk blouse, vintage
Burgundy velvet skirt, thrifted Topshop
Floral tights, Tesco
Gloves, Roeckl
Boots, Clarks


  1. From the point of view of someone who used to work in FF, those things were bloody annoying as they took up so much space in the stock room. You're looking lovely in it, it has to be said (: Confessions? errrrm, pretty much every single pair of tights/socks I own have holes in. It's borderline disgusting. Ah well. xxx

  2. Lovely outfit!! It looks so warm!

    Kisses Anne

  3. I love this! the pictures are so cool as well :)


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