Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Salcombe Sailing

When going to a seaside town, one must always dress the part. The top I am wearing is actually a vintage mini dress I found in a charity shop the day before we set off - perfect timing! Also bought before the trip: a pair of wellies that I am modelling so *ahem* gracefully in the photos. In fact, from last week I've learned that wellies are an absolute essential when visiting the countryside or the sea - much as I'd love you all to think I wore those clog platforms the entire time, my feet rarely left these green rubber beauties. I wore them so much that I thought of perhaps "upgrading" to a pair of Hunter ones for festival season, but after perusing an interesting discussion here about how the new ones have plummeted down in quality, I will only buy a vintage pair.

Salcombe is applauded not only for its sandy beaches, but also for the sailing regatta and the pastel villas and holiday resorts nestled like colourful building blocks on the cliffs (the road winding down is so steep I felt almost horizontal when we drove to the beach!). However, I admit to finding out about it through a Jack Wills handbook, because it's home to the brand. We went after the shops were closed but I loved strolling down the tiny-but-busy Fore Street and peeking in all the shop windows...

Sailor collar dress (worn as top), vintage, thrifted
Black velvet skirt, vintage, thrifted
Beret, vintage


  1. Wow, what a pretty place to take photos - you look gorgeous, as always :)

    Cat xxx

  2. THE PHOTOS ARE JUST AMAZING, I´M IN LOVE WITH THEM! keep posting awsome pictures :)

  3. Salcombe looks amazing, and I adore your striped top and gumboots/wellies! :)
    I'm always wearing mine!
    X Jane

  4. love the vintage effect on ur photos!!! great otufit for the seaside!! follwoing you !! hope u can visit mine too xx


  5. Hope you had fun at the beach. Like the vintage-y look.


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