Sunday, 11 November 2012

Don't look down

One of the perks of having a room in college is the roof access (but don't tell the porters I said that). Bonus points if you can guess the location correctly!

Photos taken by my friend Roz, who came for a fleeting but delightful visit this weekend.

Striped Breton tee, Ginger Lily c/o Crew Clothing
Navy double breasted jacket that makes me feel like a majorette, thrifted vintage
Black velvet skater skirt, vintage via Beyond Retro
Black mary janes, Corin c/o Dr Martens
Knitted beret, Cath Kidston


  1. Awww yay so fun! Roz always takes such amazing photos :)
    (this makes me think of Mary Poppins and the chimney sweep scene, ha ha)

  2. Such a pretty series of images. Wish I had access to a roof!

  3. You look stunning and the photos are gorgeous - you have a very talented friend! xo

  4. I just shoved my laptop in my flatmate's face and said "LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THESE PHOTOS ARE". She agreed (under duress, ostensibly). Looking lovely, as per. xxxxx

  5. Looking lovely and nice outfit...just love her style!

  6. Just found your blog. Love those photos..and your outfit too :)

    Hope you'll visit me, I'll be so grateful :)
    Kisses, Elena

  7. These pictures are stunning - I saw the snippet on instagram a little while ago and have been meaning to swing by for a proper look! Gorgeous, and you look stunning :) Hope uni is going well

  8. I spy Lincoln library, and perhaps Exeter College spire in the background, are you overlooking Turl Street? :)

  9. Love seeing Oxford and great fashion on a blog and such lovely photo's! Thanks Candy Pop for tweeting about it! (I am an Oxford dweller too!)


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