Tuesday, 20 November 2012

When life gives you lemons...

... go to the Botanical Gardens

If there was ever to be a prize for the best methods of avoiding Old English essays, I would have very little competition. Swa cwaeð Dina, writing another blog post... who said I try too hard?

This weekend, Oxford's botanical gardens seemed the perfect backdrop not only for my mustard cardigan, but for my mustardy disposition. I can't recall what mustard tastes like, but I guess I mean bleak, bitter, dispirited, yet trying very hard (too hard?) to be a bright, happy shade of yellow (and failing). Sorry to speak in riddles. I guess I just mean I was terribly sad. However, I have realised this week, this term, is that you absolutely must keep going, no matter what, even when life feels like this... or like this... or even like this

Anyway, here are some photographs of me dancing in leaves and looking at plants that will make everything okay. Straight away. (E-mail me if they don't, and I will try and cheer you up as best as I can with a mind-blowing assortment of handpicked GIFS of dancing cats.) My sister, who visited me this weekend, remarked that I look like something out of a Soviet children's film, which is definitely no bad thing in my schoolbooks. Speaking of which, my new bag was luckily spacious enough to not only accomodate a few of the latter but also my DSLR - no mean feat, I assure you.
What is it like living in Dina's world? I couldn't possibly tell you, because I often don't understand her myself.


Oversized mustard cardigan, vintage via Rokit
Cream silk blouse, vintage 
High-waisted navy tapered trousers, vintage
Red duffle coat, Gloverall, vintage
Brogues, thrifted vintage
Scarf, gift


  1. Oh Dina, these photos (and you!) are so beautiful. I like Image 084 the most, as well as the one of you passing through the gate. And, if it helps, I am avoiding an essay, in fact the essay, by commenting on this here blog post - paradox?

  2. I hope you're feeling better now! And that outfit is absolutely glorious, it certainly put me in a cheery mood!

  3. Wonderful photos! I wish I would have only once enough time to take so many photos ;-) And I really love your combination of red and mustard yellow in this outfit!

    xxx Anita

  4. It's ridiculous how amazing you are, ridiculous in a good way though as if in Dina-was-given-all-the-amazingness-in-the-world kind of thing. The way you always coordinate everything so perfectly is awe-inspiring.

    Keep being ridiculously wonderful. xx

  5. Loving these photos and loving your gorgeous Jane Shilton bag!

  6. I love your blog , your pictures are magnificent


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