Friday, 27 January 2012

A Study in Velvet

I'm sure everyone has experienced that feeling of dread when entering yet another lesson in a subject you absolutely do not need in your life. For me, this was always Maths; I struggled as my brain attempted to process countless numbers, graphs and algebraic equations thrown at it mercilessly. My thoughts meandering in roundabout swirls, I drew revision spider diagrams that looked more like Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat than trigonometry formulas. Needless to say, when I got the impossible 'A' at GCSE I was thrilled to bits.

Since then, I have thrown all arithmetic out of my head; I'd rather daydream all day in my room than endure another lecture about the Fibonacci sequence. The equation of "high fashion = heels", therefore, has always been a mystery I've left for others to solve. As a fashion outsider, I marveled at how true the phrase "towering heels" was at LFW - it looked like people were tottering on miniature upside-down Eiffels on the cobbles of Somerset House...

Countless articles warn women about dangers of wearing heels, but who'd pass by an opportunity to look a little taller, slimmer and more confident? Well, yours truly. I loove high heels but regret wearing them after several hours, and have always longed for a practical solution encompassing both comfort and height... Fortunately, such a solution winged its way to me upon contacting famous shoe-pping website Sarenza on Twitter. The suggested Jeffrey Campbell Beebee ticked all the shoeboxes for me: "flatform" style, 5.5cm high, a gorgeous velvet Maryjane that would instantly transport any outfit into something stunning. The only thing stopping me from clicking the temptingly pink "Add to Basket" was the choice: leopard print or black? I couldn't wait to compile some outfits to go with them, even if just through illustrations before I "shoose"! Which pair is your favourite?

This is my entry for the wonderful competition run by Sarenza to become a Sarenza Brand Ambassador. If you're requiring some shoespiration, be sure to visit their website right.this.second. I have never seen so many shoes in my life, and rightly so: there are over 20 thousand pairs on the website with more being added every day. My wishlist could take up a whole post in itself, but for my entry I had to shoose (see what I did there?) just one pair - the beloved Beebees I hope to soon see buzzing around my feet.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Who run the World? HATS

 Today, after countless compliments, I proclaim: floppy hats do indeed rule the world! Best thing about this one? It flaps as I go up the stairs like a giant fruit bat...


Floppy felt hat, gift from Mama
Cream silk blouse, vintage
Black velvet skater skirt, thrifted vintage
Two-tone tights, from swag bag from Karl
Oversized clutch, thrifted vintage
Glasses, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Miss Yuletide.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012



Didn't expect me to wear one of those, did you? Sometimes, I surprise even myself. Originally, this gilet was bought to be worn at the rink, solely for training purposes... What attracted me to Fat Face's version was the modest yet practical design: no flashy logos (dare I utter the J.W. word), no extortionate pricing, natural material content (the sound of Nylon alone makes me wanna vom), lovely navy colour and w-a-r-m-t-h. Down feather, anyone? Yes, despite being silly and buying a Size 14 which makes me a big puffy beast, I wear it everywhere now because it is so impossibly toasty. Coats are wonderful but, when you're like me and over-fill your school/uni bag with heavy Zenit film cameras and tripods and vintage books, you appreciate not having to lug around an extra few kilos on your shoulders. Besides, it somehow fits almost seamlessly with most of my wardrobe. Still not convinced? Just look at these Penfield cuties...

I am very interested to know if any of you have a "guilty pleasure" item that you wear out of comfort and not style? Kindly post your confessions below - don't worry, they are safe in my hands!

Feather down gilet, Fat Face
Oatmeal fairisle jumper, Czech flea market (10 FREAKING PENCE!)
Silk blouse, vintage
Burgundy velvet skirt, thrifted Topshop
Floral tights, Tesco
Gloves, Roeckl
Boots, Clarks

Friday, 13 January 2012

Material Possessions

Cleaning out your sister's bedroom doesn't sound too decorous, especially when it involves rummaging in her wardrobe and chest of drawers. Before you all shun me, allow me to explain: in our house, there is an utter lack of space for clothes, which seem to almost permeate through walls and ceilings. Countless trips to car boot sales, charity shops and vintage fairs, hand-me-downs and samples all contribute to the wardrovalanche and general problem of storage, so we disperse clothing evenly(even if it does not directly belong to the family member in said room)!

Occasionally, when I am low on funds but high in desire of a new dress, I wander into a room and scour the place for something new to wear (it is surprisingly easy to forget what you have). On this occasion, I discovered the dress I am wearing in the photos with a squeal of excitement; I truly had not remembered seeing it before. My mum sniggered a little bit, because apparently it was originally a housecoat from Soviet Russia. Me being me, I protested that no-one over here will know, so I trust you all to keep it to yourselves...

Conversely, my little "hunts" around the house have also left me horrified at just how many unwanted items we own, clogging up/drowning our house. My mum and I have therefore joined forces in getting rid of it all, mostly by donating to charities and selling on eBay, in hope that someday we may breathe freely again! Having combed through my own wardrobe, I realised I own very little clothing that fits in with my style aesthetic/is of decent quality. Other blogs always make me a little wistful - as if the owners have an inexhaustible tunnel, connected underground to Net-a-Porter and the like, which regurgitates an unending stream of clothes! Every post parades a new acquisition, which isn't a problem - it's how expensive it is... I do not judge these bloggers at all; after all, that's what makes them so interesting. But nonetheless, having recently received the greatest ever gift - a place to read English at my first choice university, I've gone off material possessions. For a few days, at least. Then I'll be back to normal.

Blazer, vintage via Superette Rummage Sale
Dress, vintage
Beret, Cath Kidston
Tights, Jack Wills
Brogues, thrifted vintage
Owl brooch, vintage

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

"Instant" Outfit

It's a pity that you cannot see my outfit properly in this shot, taken with a friend's Fujifilm Instax (a perfect alternative to a Polaroid instant camera, since the film is in regular production and a lot more reasonably priced!), but I am posting it anyway because I love the light. The jumper - you can just about make this out - is a clashing battle of turquoise and burgundy, a sensationally lucky charity shop find at 99p. With a bit of mending on my mother's part, it was ready to wear and I cannot get enough of it, when it does finally get cold. Underneath, a simple cream silk blouse from A Most Marvellous Place to Shop, my newest discovery that lives up to its equally marvellous name two hundred percent. (Think amalgamation of vintage stalls, homewares, a gallery and cafe housed under one roof, and you won't be far off the mark.) While the quality is truly terrible due to me being unable to scan properly, the glint is my favourite Gogo Philip key around my neck. Again.

Two-tone sweater, vintage
Silk blouse, vintage
Jeans, GAP
Brogues, thrifted
Necklace, c/o Gogo Philip

Friday, 6 January 2012

Little Birthday Dress


Hello there 2012! I have just been through the most exhilarating December in my life to date, part of the reason will be revealed when I actually believe it myself. It is, for obvious reasons, a month which all children - myself included - await with trepidation...why? It's not difficult to guess! It's my birthday right after Christmas, and, of course, it wouldn't be the same without the annual Bicester Village hunting trip. One of my favourites is Jigsaw's outlet store, which usually has a rail of heavily discounted press samples that I always rummage through. At first, when I tried on the dress, it had two strange flaps on either side; I soon realised that they were supposed to be tied together at the front, et voila!- my birthday dress was discovered. The material is a gloriously soft silk, and at £19 I could not resist. The tights I am wearing were another wonderful present which came from Bicester Village - I squealed as my sister handed me the Aubin and Wills tissue paper package... My beret was a gift from a stocking I won in a competition ran by the generous Rokit - the other goodies from there will be featured in upcoming blog posts.

Hope you all had an incredible holiday!

Dress, Jigsaw via Bicester Village
Tights, Aubin & Wills
Shoes, Clarks
Beret, vintage c/o Rokit
Key necklace, c/o Gogo Philip
Glasses, 3.1 Philip Lim