Saturday, 31 March 2012

To Be Adored...and adored...and adored


Dazed girl in a sweet shop would be an apt description of my state at the HPR press day, except for the fact I cannot eat sweets. Oh, please shed no tears over having to return all the Laduree giftboxes you ordered for me: what I cannot eat I make up for amply in clothing! To Be Adored (also known as TBA) is a label I would describe as my kind of sweet - Brighton-based designer Binbin McNiven's dreamlike designs have captivated my mind since I first laid eyes on her mushroom print skirts and dresses (still available in her archive sale). I belong in a world far removed from reality, occasionally drifting down to earth but mostly I'm contained in my own little microchosm - To Be Adored takes me there. Many designers try to get away with overcharging for items that are made of Crappyester, Tack-rylic and Die-lon (whatever "special properties" they have, it's still synthetic and makes my skin crawl), but To Be Adored is not one of them - everything is made of natural fibres, mostly silk (I could stroke that peach maxi dress all day long). For next season, the label is moving away from ASOS and Urban Outfitters towards the likes of Acne and Carven, with slightly more "grown-up" pieces. I am desperately, desperately hoping "grown-up" does not mean "mushroom-print free".


 Paul & Joe/Paul & Joe Sister

I usually stick to labels I know and love, but I made two lovely discoveries at HPR which were Shellys Shoes and Kyle Hopkins jewellery. Because what I wear is usually delicate and "girly", I wear jewellery that contrasts and has a darker edge. My photos do not to the pieces justice, but my favourites were the "green man" face rings and exquisite necklaces compiled of tiny people!

Polka dot platforms by Miss L Fire

Monday, 26 March 2012

Orla Dressing

AKA "5-year-old from the Sixties Dressing". On Friday, I did something very naughty and may have made a purchase or two at the Orla Kiely sample sale in Brick Lane... I have longed to own something of Orla's for absolute years, and seeing as I have been saving up wages since January and not spending any birthday money since December, I thought an exception could be made just this once. This skirt was the holier of the two "sins", at a mere £5. It's not actually a skirt at all, but a top, but who cares about that small technicality? The mod style flower print reminded me immediately of the iconic Mary Quant daisy emblem - you may recognise it from packs of tights that pop up every now and again in vintage and charity shops (anyone else ever feel disappointed that the tights are just plain and not printed with that flower design?). I decided to team it with one of my favourite vintage blouses from A Most Marvellous Place to Shop, ankle socks and my new platform clogs from Dune at Debenhams. What was the second thing I bought? You'll just have to wait and see to find out...

 Cream silk blouse, vintage
Flower print top (worn as skirt), Orla Kiely
Ankle socks, T.K. Maxx
Platform clog sandals, Dune at Debenhams