Thursday, 23 August 2012

Swanning around Stockholm

The Cobbled Streets

Couldn't resist any longer - here is the 'real' Stockholm, as I imagined it. Gamla Stan, also known as the Medieval quarter, is one of the most stunning places I've been to so far. Having read so much about the iconic cobbled streets before our trip, I was very eager to witness them first-hand and insisted on exploring them on the first day, even if that meant going out on my own at night in what could only be described as torrential rain (luckily, the rest of the time the weather was perfect)! Drenched, clad in a white raincoat that made me look like a dishevelled runaway chemistry student with severe mental problems that has been shat on to infinity by pigeons with digestion problems, hair sticking to my face, glasses in such a state I was wishing they had miniature car wipers attached, I looked a far cry from the outfits photos in this post. Most of the above hardly bothered me though, because I was wholly absorbed in the act of admiring the lights flickering off the slippery cobbles.

My walk in the rain also had a more basic purpose behind it - to break in my new Doc Martens, which murdered my feet at first. No exaggeration - after wearing them for just a couple of hours, I had to take them off and walk home in my socks from the festival, resulting in a splendid specimen of blackened "hobbit feet". The rain seemed to do the trick, though - after that they were the comfiest things in the world. Having ummed and aahed at length about which pair I should get, I'm glad I went with these in the end because they add just the right balance to an otherwise overly 'girly' outfit. 

Fast forward a few days and we're playing the 'spot as many Moomin items as you can' game in tourist shops and admiring the people chilling with a fika (a Swedish custom loosely translated as having something sweet and a coffee with friends) outside numerous cafes. What could be more idyllic than peering down a cobbled alleyway just about as wide as your arm stretched out, or popping into an antiques/vintage shop or two? I recommend the flea market on Själagårdsgatan and Duranis on Kåkbrinken street, set up by Central Saint Martins graduate Linnéa Palme. More on my Swedish adventures soon!

Tie front top, vintage
Crochet cardigan, vintage
Swan print skater skirt, Topshop
Shoes, Dr. Martens
Bag, vintage Jane Shilton

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Travelling Moons



Stockholm Music & Arts
What's the first thing you do once you land in Stockholm? The sensible answer would be rest in your hotel room after being up since 6am and taking two flights... but when Bjork is in town, resting is out of the equation. Here I could continue into my usual rambling narrative...but I'll be brief this time. Let's just say I won't be forgetting that night anytime soon. Not when moons, smoke, blue beehived hair, banshee vocals, lightning machines and a choir of Icelandic mermaids are involved.

Liberty print top, vintage
Crochet cardigan, vintage
Shorts, Hollister
Shoes, Dr. Martens
Bowler hat, Topshop

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hej from Sweden!

Hej, I just met you...

Were you expecting narrow cobbled streets and ancient architecture? In that case, you may have to hold out for a couple of posts, but I can assure you that's coming as well! Let's start towards the end of my week in Stockholm - a day out at the Stockholm archipelago. On the map, it just looks like someone spilled their cornflakes in the massive milkbowl that is the Baltic sea - dots, irregular shapes big and small: 2,000 islands in total! We decided not to go too crazy and try and fit them all in, opting for the grand (and feasible!) total of two. Setting sail from central Stockholm - may I recommend sitting on the open top deck to soak in the rays as well as views of the turreted city moving slowly away - we hopped off at Grinda, our first island. With only a few tiny red wooden houses and several boats peppering the view, it is otherwise untouched and very well-suited for exploring, so explore the fern-carpeted woods and rocky beaches we did...

Vaxholm, the second island (and the biggest in the archipelago), was far busier but featured lots of pretty streets with candy-coloured houses that were good enough to eat. If you go to Stockholm, I cannot recommend visiting the archipelago enough - for a day at least; you never know, you might even find some Moomins hidden away in a forest corner... As you can see, I couldn't resist being the biggest cliche ever and whipping out my much loved Breton tee for the 'sea voyage', as well as some 'new' vintage high-waisted trousers that made me look rather pot-bellied when I wasn't careful to stand up straight! My shoes are Doc Martens, but more on them in the next post.

P.S. Thank you everyone for being so patient and for all your emails asking what has happened - photographing outfits with a broken lens is pretty difficult to say the least! Hopefully though, a new camera will be on its way to me very soon - see you later, bank account...

Navy striped Breton jumper, vintage
Navy high-waisted trousers, vintage
Scarf, gift
Handbag, vintage Jane Shilton
Cat-eye sunglasses, Specsavers
Brogues, Dr. Martens