Tuesday, 18 September 2012



M@$$iV3 vIntigE L@yDeE

A post to celebrate last night's return of Downton Abbey, perhaps? Not that I've had the chance to see it yet, what with getting in from London Fashion Week with a head-splitting migraine last night. Fear not, that was probably the only bad thing that happened over the weekend, the rest of which was pretty darn spectacular...

As someone who is proud to advocate dressing up with a conscious effort against consumerism and torture of the Earth/its furry and feathered inhabitants - most of my clothes bought secondhand from charity shops and car boot sales - I do feel a little hypocritical doing this post. However, who doesn't like trying something different, a little bit of dressing up just for a day? Especially when you have an exact idea of how you want to look but frustratingly don't usually have the means to buy the right items to recreate the exact image that's in your head (although of course, this could rightly be referred to as, *ahem*, 'first world problems'). 

Let me assure you, as I had already awkwardly explained to a reporter whilst doing a TV interview at Somerset House (let's hope that one doesn't surface any time soon) that the fur is as faux as can be - no possums harmed in the making of this lil' coat. It was one of three pieces I borrowed for the shoot from the Apartment, Abi's latest venture which you will hear about very soon if you haven't already! Along with the bag and cloche hat - a piece that I've been longing to own ever since I started watching Downton and pinning vintage photos from Camden market into my scrapbook - it made a perfect wannabe 1920s ensemble. Okay, so the ladies of the past may have frowned and tutted at the length of my skirt (can just imagine a disdained Maggie Smith muttering bitterly whilst darting scornful daggers at my knees), but neither was I aiming to be dressed exactly like them...

Big thanks to the wonderful Carrie for helping me out with the photos, and Abi for the samples and endless gestures of goodwill throughout LFW.

Faux fur coat, Pinko
Patent handbag, Dune
Kitty cloche hat, Hobbs
(all from The Apartment)
Cream lace Mary dress, c/o Monki
Flats, vintage

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Autumn Whispers





Château de Nieuil

Cream silk blouse, vintage via A Most Marvellous Place to Shop
Camel skirt and bag, thrifted vintage Karen Millen
Jacket, Karl Lagerfeld via T.K.Maxx
Skeleton key necklace, vintage
Shoes, Dr. Martens

Photos by my extraordinary sister.