Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Stomp and Circumstance



Power dressing

 Let us pretend for the sake of this post that I am in a middle-age autumn/winter catalogue of  some sort - oh wait - you already did and laughed. Long coat, heeled boots... is everything okay? Er, I don't know why all de drama. It's completely fine to try something new, I tell you!

Allow me to briefly justify why this was such a big leap. First of all - controversy warning - I think women's footwear is designed to make feet look pathetic: tiny, stumpy, weak. Hence - my gravitating towards men's footwear and clunky DMs, as a way of "power dressing".  It is fascinating to observe that yes, the stomping element is obviously one of the reasons heels are worn - I guess the clatter adds to a sense of self-assurance, or at least dramatically enhances one's approach down a hollow library corridor. Either way, these Bronx boots were a sweet surprise, acutely bridging the void between elegance and the "stomp and circumstance" (coining this phrase) typically absent in ordinary footwear. Plus, the metal toecaps and slight-but-important heel tread along the day-to-night borderline. Ideal*.

* - Oxford cobbles not included.

All photos by Rosalind.

Promenade Coat, Toast
Mohair jumper, thrifted
Tartan dress, Comptoir des Cottoniers
Scarf, thrifted
Bronx double buckle boots, c/o Bank


  1. Amazing coat! x

  2. I agree on the shoe front, I'm always wearing my DM's with dresses because they honestly make me feel a lot more powerful and safer than if my feet were aching in heels. Those boots are gorgeous, I'd probably never take them off if I owned them. Love the coat too, it's brilliant!

  3. WOW! Nice Pics collection I really impressed from your pics and few written line about Mixtapes I will more happy if you will update more about Mixtapes I will be Back ASAP.

    Thanks for Post.

  4. lovely coat !! nice color!!


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